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Bottle Baby kitten

AHS’ Bottle Baby ICU is Over Capacity: We Need Foster Heroes and Supplies

Written by: Arizona Humane Society
The Arizona Humane Society’s tiniest patients need your help by donating to our virtual Kitten Shower or by signing up to become a Foster Hero.

The Arizona Humane Society (AHS) is in its busiest season, and we are already over capacity in our Bottle Baby ICU! Please help AHS’ tiniest patients by donating to its Virtual Kitten Shower or by becoming a Foster Hero for orphaned kittens.

care in place kitten suppliesWith kitten season in full swing, AHS is hosting a Virtual Kitten Shower to prepare for the thousands of kittens we will care for this season by stocking up on essential, lifesaving items, including kitten formula, nursing kits, warmers to regulate body temperature, and scales to ensure these tiny felines gain enough weight.

Last year, AHS cared for more than 2,000 kittens under 8 weeks in our Bottle Baby ICU and Kitten Nursery. Without their mother to care for them, many of these kittens have nowhere else to turn to and require 24-hour care from AHS staff and volunteers until they are old enough to eat independently and gain enough weight before finding their fur-ever homes.

This year, help save thousands of AHS’ most fragile patients by donating to AHS’ Virtual Kitten Shower at Please note, those looking to participate will need to make sure to log-in to their AmazonSmile account to view this wishlist or tap the ‘Shop Charity List’ button!

Additionally, we desperately need Foster Heroes to care for these tiny orphans until they are eight weeks of age and ready for adoption. AHS will provide everything you need, including medical care, formula, bottles, blankets, toys, and more. To learn more and sign-up to become a Foster Hero, visit