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AHS and Pittie Love: National Pit Bull Awareness Month

Written by: Arizona Humane Society
October was National Pit Bull awareness month, and in recognition, the Arizona Humane Society saluted one of America's most misunderstood breeds.

When someone mentions a pit bull, what do you think? It’s a sad reality that pitties have gained a bad rap over time as fierce, dangerous fighting dogs due to owner misuse and abuse, leading to an unfounded fear in the general public. In truth, these pups are goofy, loveable, and loyal pets. At AHS, we’re fortunate to help these silly woofers find owners who recognize the misconceptions about these pets.

Last month for National Pit Bull awareness month, we were thrilled to share some paw-mazing pittie success stories from AHS alums like those below. But not only that, AHS’ Veterinary Clinics gave 60 spay/neuter vouchers to pittie parents!

The funds for the spay/neuter surgeries were generously donated by AHS’ Circle of Friends, a special group of AHS donors who are passionate about combating pet overpopulation. AHS’ Circle of Friends have made possible the spay and neuter surgeries of tens of thousands of animals over the years, drastically reducing pet overpopulation in our community. We are so thankful to these donors for supporting pets and their people all year long!

Luna the Beautiful Lefty

LunaLuna, a beautiful grey and white American Pit Bull terrier mix, was attacked by another dog and left for dead. Fortunately, the Phoenix Police Department, with the aid of our incredible Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™, stepped in to save her life. She was brought to our trauma hospital where our outstanding veterinarians provided her with the care she needed. Luna’s right leg had multiple bites and was badly fractured. Unfortunately, amputation was her only option, but this strong-willed little lady took it all in stride, making a quick recovery.

Although it took Luna some time to find the right family, when she did, it was life-changing for everyone involved. At first, Luna was timid, shy, and scared in her new home. However, through the love and care of her fur-ever family, she quickly adjusted to her new life and has been showered in pets, toys, and treats ever since.

Recently, we caught up with her family, and they shared this pup-date:

“Luna has become the most outstanding pup. She is a goofball and a drama queen. She’s also the world’s cutest and most renowned couch potato.

This summer, we noticed her arthritis from her amputation was starting to bother her. She was losing mobility along with some fun adventures because of it. We decided to work with 3D Pets, a New Jersey based company that 3D prints prosthetic limbs and other mobility devices for disabled pets. Once she received her new leg, she has been walking and playing, her stamina has greatly increased, and she went on her longest walk ever just last week!

Every day, Luna is growing and learning new skills. She’s such a happy pup and lives every day to its fullest. I could not imagine life without her. She’s the best addition we could have possibly made to our family and home.”

Zoe’s a Survivor

ZoeZoe was surrendered to AHS after police, in partnership with our animal cruelty investigators, rescued her from an animal hoarding situation. Sadly, Zoe was the sole survivor of her litter as all her siblings passed away from the deadly parvovirus – a highly contagious viral disease of dogs that commonly causes acute gastrointestinal illness in puppies.

Thankfully Zoe was able to fight through the illness and make a full recovery, becoming a parvo survivor. And once she was all better, it didn’t take long for her to find her fur-ever home. Her family says:

“Our beautiful dog Zoe is the most loving dog you could ask for! Zoe loves to snuggle with us under the covers, is sweet as can be, and is incredibly fast and agile. She loves other dogs so much that she has to greet them all when we take her for walks. Zoe loves to camp and explore and chase her brother when they get the zoomies. She loves our two young children and has always been so tolerant and gentle with them. It’s hard to put into words how much we love our sweet Zoe!”

Missy Beats the Odds

MissyMissy was featured as part of AHS’ running segment “Sunday Sweetheart” on Good Morning Arizona. This poor sweet girl had been a stray all on her own when she was suddenly hit by a car. Fortunately, Missy was transferred and treated at our animal trauma hospital where she received stellar care from our skilled veterinarians. Although the injuries Missy sustained from the accident required surgery, she was able to make a full recovery and bounce back to an appearance on the small screen, which is where her fur-ever family saw her:

“Missy has been a true blessing to our family. Despite all the trauma of her past, she is so kind and loving, and maybe this is her way of saying “thank you” for rescuing me. Missy loves humans of all sizes. I’ve heard that pit bulls have been known to be “nanny dogs,” and Missy certainly fits that description. She will sit by people, both young and old, for hours and hours, just watching them. In fact, my father-in-law recently moved in with us due to dementia. Missy waits for him to wake up every morning, lying at his bedroom door, and during the day, she is usually right at his side. My father-in-law says Missy is the friendliest dog he has ever met.”

Rocky Steals the Show

Rocky8-year-old Rocky found his way to the Arizona Humane Society as a stray, so his early years are unknown. But, what was clear is that his life had been a hard one. On the outside, he had patches of fur missing, and on the inside, his teeth and gums were badly neglected. As a result, Rocky had to have several teeth pulled, but he was still the happiest boy. In July, Rocky was adopted by his fur-ever family who told us:

“After a few months of having him, Rocky is certainly thriving. He loves treats, knows basic commands, and loves walks – as long as they’re not too long! Rocky is a star, and everywhere we take him he steals the show. We are very thankful our first rescue dog worked out so well, and we would love to adopt another pit bull in the future.”

While these stories have a happy ending, how these pets come into our care is not uncommon, especially for pit bulls. Through your commitment to our lifesaving programs, we’re able to give a second chance to all of the pets that come through our doors, just like our furry friends above. If you’re interested in adding a precious pittie to your family, check out our adoptable pets! Your new best friend could be waiting for you.