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3TV: AHS Reunites Hospitalized Veteran with Pets

Written by: Arizona Humane Society

News Highlights:

  • AHS EAMT™ Amanda received a call to conduct a welfare check on two dogs, Sassy and Chewy, and she followed her gut instinct to contact the police for assistance. Inside, disabled U.S. Army Veteran Frank had fallen and was unable to get back up for six days... and Sassy and Chewy never left his side.
  • Frank was transported to the hospital where he stayed for 14 days, while AHS cared for his beloved furry family members.
  • Sassy and Chewy were reunited with Frank when he was released from the hospital. As the heartwarming reunion video shows, the family could not have been happier to be back together!
  • While AHS focuses on caring for the sick, injured and abused pets in our community, one of our top priorities also includes keeping pets in homes.
  • Project Assist, one of AHS' temporary placement programs, provides foster care for the pets of individuals who in an emergency medical situation and are hospitalized. By providing compassionate care to those in need, we provide an alternative to surrendering the animal and help more owners keep their pets.


December 2, 2019