News Highlights:

  • When EAMT™ Andy received a call regarding a family of ducklings trapped in a drain, he knew he had to act fast. The call came in to AHS’ Field Dispatch team from a Good Samaritan who heard the ducklings' cries for help near a large pond in Mesa.
  • Upon his arrival, Andy found four ducklings stuck in a drain and was able to free them after an hour of plotting his rescue and implementing his plan. After examining each to ensure they were unharmed, he returned them to the pond where he found that both their mom and dad were waiting! In no time at all, the babies scurried across the water to be reunited with their parents.
  • For Andy, known for his never-ending energy and passion, this rescue was something he “desperately needed during this pandemic that has weighed so heavily on everyone’s hearts.”


April 27, 2020