Adopting vs. Buying

“I had a German Shepherd growing up.”

“I can travel with a Yorkie.”

“Labs are good with kids.”

We get it. The list of reasons pet lovers choose one breed over another is as long and varied as the dogs and cats themselves. And we’re thrilled that so many folks looking for the perfect pet start their search at the Arizona Humane Society.

But the truth is that there are also some folks out there who remain reluctant to rescue. We hear things like, “You don’t know what happened before you got him.” Or “I want a puppy so I can train it properly.” We work tirelessly to overcome this bias.

Someday, we’ll convince everyone to adopt, and not shop. But until then, here are a few tools to help consumers make the most informed decision. Looking for a specific breed of dog? Check out our adoptable pups.

The Realities of Puppy Mills