3TV, FOX 10, ABC 15: Duck Rescue Caught on Camera

News Highlights:

  • After AHS’ EAMT™ Mark Smith got the call of an injured duck in the middle of a pond, his first thought was, “Where do I get a boat?” Fortunately, a fellow EAMT had an inflatable raft and he was able to save the duck.
  • Smith found that the duck was entangled with a fishing line in its mouth. Once freed, he rushed the duck to AHS partner, Liberty Wildlife, where they immediately performed surgery to remove the hook. The duck spent the next month recovering before being returned to the pond and his feathered friends.
  • Mr. Duck is just one of more than 4,000 sick and injured animals who were rescued by AHS’ EAMTs last year. AHS’ fleet of seven ambulances hit the road 365 days a year covering more than 300,000 miles.


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