Teacher’s Pet: Educators Can Adopt a Critter with Waived Fees!

AHS is Waiving Adoption Fees for Potential Classroom Pets!

All critters, including rabbits and Guinea Pigs, can be adopted for free by Valley educators! Critters are available for adoption at all AHS adoption locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Mesa.

AHS currently has 50 rabbits and Guinea Pigs available for adoption and is expecting approximately 40 additional critters to become available throughout the week once their spay/neuter surgeries are completed.

Critters make wonderful pets and also have many benefits for children when utilizing them in a classroom setting including:

  • Positive impact on children’s behavioral and academic development
  • Increased social skills such as communication, empathy and responsibility
  • Important lessons on animal care and welfare

Rabbits are spayed/neutered prior to adoption and adopters receive 20% off at AHS’ Petique retail for supplies, food, and toys. AHS will also provide tips on the proper care of critters, including appropriate exercise and handling, cage setup, diet and other important information for critter care.

Due to a cruelty case involving more than 160 rabbits in August, AHS has had to utilize many dog kennels in order to create room and properly care for the uptick in the number of critters being cared for within the shelter. By adopting one of these amazing critters, you are not only saving the life of that bunny or Guinea Pig, you are also helping create space for another sick, injured or abused Valley pet to be saved.

Adopt a Critter!