FREE Core Vaccines and Microchips on Select Upcoming Fridays!

Vaccinations and Microchips Could Save Your Furry Friend.

Protect your pet from contagious diseases with vaccinations and increase their chances of returning home if they become lost with a microchip! 

Thanks to our great friends and partners at PetSmart Charities, core vaccinations and microchips at select AHS’ Vaccine Friday clinics are FREE! These weekly walk-in clinics typically offer a waived office visit fee and $21 per vaccine, but on April 26, May 3 and May 10, these services will be completely covered for pet owners at both AHS Veterinary Clinic locations. Space is limited and walk-ins are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Vaccinating your pet is easy, inexpensive and can save your pet’s life. Pet vaccines help protect your dog or cat from contagious diseases, many of which can cause serious illness or death. AHS vaccinates all homeless animals upon intake and provides affordable veterinary services to thousands of pets every year.

In addition to keeping vaccinations up-to-date, it is important to make sure your pet is microchipped and that the chip information is up-to-date. One in three pets will become lost at some point during their life. Without proper ID, 90 percent will never return home, according to HomeAgain. Yet, studies show that microchipped pets have double the chance of seeing their families again.