AHS’ Sweet Sixteen Can Be Adopted for $16

Meet AHS’ Current Longtime Residents, Affectionately Known as The Sweet Sixteen.

Whether it be a wonderful office buddy (Birdie), the most athletic three-legged dog you’ll ever meet (Bubba), or a sweet girl who has been in and out of the shelter (Chula), each and every one of these pups has a special place in our hearts here at AHS. 

The Sweet Sixteen dogs can be adopted for just $16 each. Please click the photos below to learn more about each of these fun, loving pups and find out where they can be adopted. All they are looking for is a second look and a second chance!


Baby A554338

Trudy A558575

Lucille A559476

Loveable A558190

Brindley A554848

Bubba A545657

Louis A556613

Sally A555979

Birdie A557404

Leena A559136

Harvey A559164

Jasper A559687

Jordan A557760

Emma A559671

Chula A546090

Fred Weasley A554647

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