Love at First Sight Friday: Luna

Luna had never known what it was like to be part of a true family. She would come to find that her new family needed her just as much as she needed them.

Now, Luna and her new brother Dexter are inseparable. Luna, formerly Dove, is learning how enjoyable life can be with a loving family and a place to call home. After their family had lost not one, but two pets, Luna came just in time.

“I lost my dog Sadie to Cancer in December 2015. Then I lost my cat Buddha to old age in October 2016. My dog Dexter was lost and very bored. I tried to find him a playmate numerous times but he would deny them on our meet-and-greets (as any dog owner knows, the dog has the final approval). I happened upon Luna, formerly Dove, at Woofstock, who had only been with AHS for 2 weeks and was extremely nervous with all the excitement going on around her. Dexter’s tail wagged and he seemed genuinely interested in her, and she him. I learned of her story (she had come from an animal hoarder) and adopted her on site. Walking her to my car was a challenge but I assured her that she just hit the doggie lottery! I got her home, she ran outside and played in the grass with Dexter immediately. She’s since learned stairs and doggie door. She loves to snuggle and give kisses. She loves going on car rides and playing at the dog park. She’s learning fetch, and she’s great with all dogs and is getting much better with people. But most importantly, she loves her little brother and they play non-stop. She’s a great addition and a perfect fit! Thank you for saving Luna so I could find her!”


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