Love at First Sight Friday: Chance

Meet our latest success story, Chance, the gray tabby!

His new mom, Jennifer, tells us about the impact this sweet, loving 6-year-old gray tabby cat has made in her life.


I adopted our cat, Chance, from AHS after losing our cat, Leo, to an illness several weeks prior. I was missing Leo terribly and did not think I was quite yet ready to adopt another cat. One Saturday, I was watching Pets on Parade on Channel 3 and Chance was the “Pet of the Week” on that episode. Chance’s story was horrible. He was up for adoption after being lit on fire by some kids. He was burned over most of his body and in critical condition. A Good Samaritan took him to AHS’s Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™ where they performed surgery and saved his life. Luckily, Chance’s Good Samaritan or “guardian angel” took him to AHS and not another shelter that may have euthanized him.

The day after seeing Chance on tcat2elevision, I went to AHS to visit him. After hiding for just a minute, Chance jumped into my lap. He had no fear, which surprised me. I presumed he would be afraid of humans after the horrifying experience and the torture he was put through. I was in love with this sweet creature. He was purring and loving. I adopted him, took him home, and I could not have been happier! He fit in perfectly with the rest of our family.

Today, he is completely healed and no one would ever know the trauma that he has been through. He is very loving, friendly, and perfectly healthy. He loves kisses, cuddles, people, and his canine brothers and sister! He brings us joy every day. He is part of our family forever and helped heal the pain we felt from losing Leo. There is great reward from knowing that we played a small part in helping to not only save Chance’s life, but making it a good one. In turn, Chance has taught us about courage and strength. He is not bitter or fearful after being hurt so terribly by others. He loves unconditionally, both humans and other animals. I believe it was “by chance” that I happened to see Pets on Parade that day and I believe that Chance belongs with us. If it was not for the Arizona Humane Society, Chance and I would not have found each other and our family would not be complete. Thank you, AHS! We’ll always be grateful that you saved Chance and brought him into our lives!

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