Love at First Sight Friday: Amber

Meet our latest success story, Amber, the Italian Greyhound mix.

Her new mom, Wynter, tells us about the impact this sweet, loving 3-year-old Italian Greyhound mix has made in her life.italian greyhound

On the morning of my birthday two years ago, my dog of thirteen years passed away from cancer. Her passing left a gaping hole in my heart and I thought no other dog could ever fill that void. Soon enough my home felt empty and I decided to look into the foster program at the Arizona Humane Society. My heart wasn’t ready to commit to adopting a dog, but I was ready to give my time to help one in need.

I signed up as a Foster Hero and found a dog in the foster portal that needed a home immediately. Amber experienced severe stress in the kennel environment and feared anyone that approached her. I later discovered that she was found among other dogs in an animal hoarding situation and thus developed an extreme fear of people. The first few weeks at home were very difficult for Amber. She wouldn’t move from her safe space and struggled to go with me outside, her body trembled in fear. My heart ached as I watched her; I only wanted her to feel safe. I tried different techniques to calm her and allow her to adjust to her new, temporary home. One night when I was walking her, her leash slipped from my hand and she ran off, the leash trailing behind. I chased after her, but she was too fast and I lost sight of her. I ran back to my car and scoured the neighborhood with no sign of her. I immediately called the italian greyhoundArizona Humane Society and the next day put up fliers and searched the local pounds every day.

Almost two weeks had passed when I received an email with a picture of a dog at the pound that resembled Amber. I rushed over and with tears of joy, I located her and we were reunited! I eventually received a call from a prospective adopter and after the meet-and-greet, my stomach dropped at the thought of losing her. In that moment I knew that I loved her and wanted her to be a part of my life, and I a part of hers.

The gaping hole that I once felt wasn’t so big anymore. I adopted Amber that week and was jokingly coined a “foster failure” by the staff at AHS. I faced the challenge of helping her overcome her fears and was patient with her every day as we got to know each other. She blossomed into an incredible, playful dog and has brought such joy to my life. She reminded me that just because I’ve experienced loss, that doesn’t mean I can’t find room in my heart for another. I am enjoying the outdoors a lot more and Amber loves our hikes and trips to the dog park, so she’s keeping me very active. Despite spending a year to help Amber break out of her shell, every single day was worth it because I know have the most incredible dog!

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