Love at First Sight Friday: Smokey

SmokeySmokey, a 4-month-old Domestic Shorthair is the perfect cuddler. Owner Renee shares Smokey’s story of love at first sight:


We met Smokey (originally named Ashes) at the Campus for Compassion. My husband found him in a cage with another kitty. When we had him alone with us in the adoption room, he came and cuddled in our laps and refused to leave our sides. He was full of purrs and love, and we decided then to adopt him and change his name to Smokey. After arriving home, we spent hours with him in his lap celebrating my husband’s birthday. A few days later, Smokey got ill with a kitty cold and after going to two different vets, we nursed him back to health. He’s a happy and healthy boy who loves to play with everything in sight, especially his mouse toys and balls with bells!


He is the most loving, cuddling and loyal kitty we have ever known! Still to this day, he loves to sleep with us at night and even curl up in our laps at home with the loudest purrs you will ever hear!


Thank you Campus for Compassion for giving us such a loving kitty!


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