Take Me Home Tuesday: Mr. Blue and Peach



Adopt a catPeach- 1-year-old Domestic Shorthair
All it takes is one glance at Peach and she starts purring up a storm. The friendly kitty boasts patches of orange tabby stripes on her snow white fur. She is an affectionate, people-oriented cat who demands attention by meowing and tap dancing at your feet. Inquisitive and very active, Peach loves to play and with wide-eyes and much enthusiasm, she chases laser lights, swats at feather wands, fetches pipe cleaners and stalks anything that wiggles. Every bug that creeps into the house will be on Peaches radar and she serves as an excellent exterminator.

Much like a dog, this friendly feline will even follow you around the house and she doesn’t mind sharing her home with dogs, kids or other cats making her the purr-fect cat for any family.

Peach is available for adoption NOW at the Campus for Compassion. Her adoption fee is $20. For more information call 602-997-7585 x1045 and ask for animal ID number A441881.



Adopt a dogMr. Blue- 6-Year-Old Chinese Sharpei mix
Mr. Blue has a handsome brown brindle tiger striped coat, a curly tail and a smudge of gray in his muzzle which makes him look rather distinguished. The 6-year-old is extremely well-behaved and will sit beside you quietly with a sweet smile on his face.  After his brisk morning walk, he would be happy to sit by your side all afternoon or lounge around the house traveling from one cozy dog bed to the next. In the evenings he likes to hang out in the backyard and enjoys rolling around in the grass. He loves to play ball and if he does the most adorable head tilt with a curious expression when you squeak a toy.

He is leash, crate and house trained and he knows all the tricks including shake (sometimes he gently paws you when he wants attention.) He will be a loyal, faithful friend in exchange for a place to spend his Golden Years.

He is available for adoption NOW at the Sunnyslope Adoption Center. His adoption fee is only $35. For more information call 602-997-7585 x2045 and ask for animal ID number A450888.