Love at First Sight Friday: London

LondonGreg had just lost his beloved Strummer and was going through a difficult time when London brought joy back to Greg’s life. Read their story of love at first sight:


It was Memorial Day weekend…the worst of times and the best. I just lost my kitty, Strummer, on Sunday morning. He went peacefully, but I was at rock bottom. I found that the Arizona Humane Society would help me with Strummer so I could put him at peace. As I left, I decided to go and peek at the kitties just to make myself feel better.


The staff couldn’t have been nicer and more compassionate for my loss, and really just let me wander, and then i saw my little kitty. He just looked at me and I could almost see his eyes, saying “I know you’re sad but I can help.” So we went to play and he just rolled over and wanted his belly rubbed and I was hooked. He was a Hopeful Heart kitty and he just made my heart a bit happier. We went through the process and in no time we were on our way home. As we left, he started eating through his box.


Since that day, London has been a real godsend. I know Strummer would be happy that I rescued London and make him a very happy and healthy kitty. It has only been three weeks now, but it’s been just awesome. We play with his pipe cleaner and his new toys. We play fetch, yes fetch, and his new toy the laser – he loves it. He has been nothing but a sweet, sweet boy who just gives love and affection.


Thank you to everyone at the Arizona Humane Society. Thanks for helping me with Strummer at the worst day in my life and bringing me and London together to make us both very happy.


If you’ve adopted a pet from AHS and would like to share your special story, we’d love to hear it!