Love at First Sight: Sophie

Sophie 5-16-13One-year-old Sophie stays busy cuddling, playing and running in her new home. Owner Jame shares Sophie’s success story:


Our family was looking for a new friend for our existing pooch we already had. We had plenty of room in our home and hearts and wanted to welcome another member into our already enriched life. We decided to look online at the Arizona Humane Society because we felt it was important to help the poor homeless little guys who were less fortunate. I saw a few dogs that seemed to have potential at the Sunnyslope location so off we went.


All of the dogs I saw online ended up not working out, they just didn’t fit into the dynamics of our home/lifestyle. On our way out, I heard a little moan off to the side. Because of the layout of the facility, I could only see a little leg and a wagging tail. For whatever strange reason, I felt compelled to meet this little guy. I whistled and called and eventually I saw her. She had the sweetest little face and the kindest eyes. I knew right away she was the perfect fit.


I always say it’s the animal that finds the owner. Sophie has been such a great dog. She’s absolutely perfect. We brought her into our home and she continually makes every day brighter. She cuddles up with my 2-year-old, goes for runs with me at night, constantly plays and loves up on my older dog and makes our home so much warmer. She’s silly and goofy and adorable. We’re so happy to have found her and that she has found us.


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