ryder pit bull

Root For Ryder

We are working hard to save the life of Ryder – a 2-year-old pit bull who came to AHS on September 30th as a victim of animal cruelty and in critical condition. Help us Rally for Ryder and root on her recovery. Send her hugs and well wishes, take the pledge to prevent animal cruelty or make a donation to help care for the thousands of abused animals just like Ryder who we care for each year.

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Keep up to date with Ryder’s progress through our daily blog posts below and spread her story of hope by sharing our Facebook and Twitter posts.

November 27th Update: Witness Ryder’s Emotional Reunion
November 25th Update: Ryder’s Owner Found!
November 21st Update: Adoption Day Nears For Ryder
November 7th Update: Ryder Right at Home In Foster Care
October 29th Update: Ryder Reunites With Phoenix Police, Heads to Foster Home
October 24th Update: Ryder Heading Into Foster Care Monday
October 16th Update: Ryder Ready For Foster Home
October 10th Update: Ryder Shows Officer Holmes a Few Tricks
October 7th Update: Ryder’s Confidence Improves, She Remains In Critical Condition
October 4th Update: Ryder Gains Two More Pounds

October 3rd Update: Ryder Still in Critical Condition

October 2nd Update: 3TV News Story (WARNING: Some viewers may find these images disturbing)