Alternative Placement
Alternative Placement

Short-term Homes Full of Never-Ending Love

Whether deployed oversees or involved in an accident, our alternative placement department offers unique and special services for those in our community when they are temporarily unable to care for their pets. Alternative placement also ensures that our pets get a second chance through means other than traditional adoption. We find foster homes for ill and injured pets, reunite lost pets with their distraught owners and work with more than 100 local animal welfare agencies to meet the specific needs of certain animals.


Foster Program – temporary placement in a foster home, outside of the kennel/hospital environment due to medical or behavioral concerns. Last year, more than 3,400 animals were nursed back to health in AHS’ foster care program.

SAFE - temporary placement of adoptable animals unable to adjust to the kennel environment in a foster home until they are adopted.

Project Safehouse – foster care for up to 30 days for the pets of an individual entering a domestic violence shelter.

Project Active Duty - foster care for the pets of military personnel being deployed for active duty for the duration of their deployment.

Project Assist – foster care for the pets of individuals who are hospitalized or in an emergency situation.

Project Reach Out – allows us to accept dogs from other animal welfare agencies that are running out of kennel space.

New Hope Program – allows us to select and transport animals from Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (MCACC) for adoption at our shelters when kennel space permits.

Next of Kin Assistance – cares for the pets of violent crime victims while their loved ones grieve and until they decide where to home the animals.

Disaster Relief – cares for displaced animals after a fire, flood or auto accident for up to seven days to allow the owner to recover and get things in order.

Adoption Partners – pre-approved animal welfare organizations that will take animals we are unable to place for adoption in hopes of a second chance.

Soldier’s Best Friend – AHS notifies SBF, another non-profit organization, when a great candidate comes through our doors. They train service/therapy dogs to assist war veterans suffering from TBI and PTSD.