At the Arizona Humane Society, we strive to show compassion, acceptance and love. Just like the animals we’re here to serve.


Our mission is to improve the lives of animals, alleviate their suffering, and elevate their status in society. We safeguard, rescue, shelter, heal, adopt and advocate for animals in need, while inspiring community action and compassion on their behalf.


We envision a world in which all people regard companion animals as lifelong, valued family members; embrace their responsibility for the welfare of animals; and respect, value and protect the animals with whom we share this earth.


Our Brand Dimensions

Compassionate Spirit

The Arizona Humane Society was built on a foundation of compassion and kindness toward animals. As AHS evolves, it is focused on inspiring compassion in others through its appreciation of humanity and its reflection in the animals. The animals provide unconditional love regardless of the hardships they’ve faced. AHS makes every effort to model its own behavior on the accepting, gentle spirit of the animals with the hope of compelling the community to act on their behalf.

Leading Edge Innovation

The Arizona Humane Society has been a leader in the animal welfare community for many decades. A commitment to thinking differently about the problem has resulted in countless first-of-their-kind programs, services, education and communications techniques that have been emulated by organizations all over the world. Our Leading Edge Innovation is anchored in a Compassionate Spirit which informs our decisions to seek further advancements in medical technology and standards of care and to create thoughtful, innovative programs and services. It also includes a commitment to keep stakeholders informed using cutting edge, creative, meaningful tools. This dimension guides our Confident Transparency and helps to deliver Dignity for People and Pets.

Dignity for People and Pets

AHS’ Compassionate Spirit guides the organization in its efforts to do what’s best for the animals and the people in their lives. Individual interactions with AHS occur for many reasons and are often emotionally charged – some encounters are extraordinarily happy and others are terribly difficult. The people of the Arizona Humane Society empathize with the circumstances of all stakeholders and try to respect each situation with Dignity for People and Pets. The experience becomes uniquely AHS when the organization is aligned to deliver a dignified experience regardless of circumstances.

Confident Transparency

AHS is the leading animal welfare organization in the state of Arizona and is confident in its operations and its immense contribution to the community. Guided by its Compassionate Spirit and a commitment to Dignity for People and Pets, the organization is empowered to stand up for its beliefs and communicate the gravity of an extreme pet overpopulation crisis. The Arizona Humane Society can, unapologetically, discuss its tireless dedication to doing what’s best for the animals in the context of the harsh realities that cannot be solved without the community’s commitment to alleviating the pet overpopulation crisis.

Joy of Pets

Joy of Pets is deeply rooted in the organization’s heritage. This dimension suggests AHS is proud of its pets and enjoys the responsibility of compassionately stewarding the lives of animals. For many decades, the television show Pets on Parade, the Pet Telethon, and other less visible programs have highlighted the joy a pet offers. Joy of Pets evokes this emotion in potential forever families and begins to foreshadow how their lives can be enriched by an Arizona Humane Society pet. Joy of Pets suggests a personality that is caring but also spirited and playful. Joy of Pets is built on a relationship of trust and a genuine Compassionate Spirit.