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Donate Online

Make a Difference Every Month

For less than a dollar a day ($25 per month), you can make a great difference in the life of an animal. Our Constant Companion monthly giving program is an incredibly efficient way to help sustain the Arizona Humane Society. Our donors who give monthly are a dedicated group that provides AHS with a consistent and reliable income stream. When you become a Constant Companion, you can easily budget your contribution to AHS and know that each month, you are truly making an impact. For more information, visit our Constant Companion webpage.

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One-time donations also help us feed, heal and shelter pets.AZ Humane EAMTs Donate today and you can give an animal a second chance at life. Look how far your gift can go:

$25: Provides food, toys and vaccinations for one animal for one week
$50: Supplies a splint to set a fractured leg
$100 Provides supplies and medication to treat a laceration
$150: Grooms three neglected animals with severely matted coats
$422: Covers the average cost to care for an animal until it goes up for adoption
$500: Fills the gas tank of one EAMTTM rescue vehicle for a week
$750: Spay or neuters 10 dogs or 25 cats
$1,000: Saves the life of one severely injured animal
$2,500: Buys medication for all animals in the Second Chance Animal HospitalTM for one week

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