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In 2007, Arizona Humane Society supporters Heather Greenbaum and Julie Belgrad organized a dedicated group of donors to raise funds specifically for spay/neuter initiatives. Coined The Nifty Fifty in 2007 and later Circle of Friends, these passionate donors have made possible the spay/neuter surgeries of tens of thousands of animals and have undoubtedly reduced pet overpopulation in our community. The Circle of Friends is celebrated each year at Compassion with Fashion and with an exclusive spring-time event, and we’re so honored to recognize this special group.

Interested in joining the Circle of Friends or supporting the Arizona Humane Society’s spay and neuter initiatives?

Call Nancy Mitchell at 602.997.7585 Ext. 1023 or email

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2017 Circle of Friends Committee

Kimberlee Reimann Padilla*, Chair

Katherine Cecala*
Margaret Clark
Ann Damiano
Joni Davis
Shelly Forstrom
Lori Galvin
Dyan Getz
Heather Greenbaum
Melinda Gulick*

Nadine Hart
Laurie Jackson
Melissa Rupoli Katz
Lisa Kimmel
Karen Litton
Andrea Marconi*
Jamie Middleton
Kerry Milligan*
Suzanne Pearl*

Maria Peck
Ann Siner
Sue Singer
Dr. Craig Thatcher*
Cindy Watts
Daryl Weil
Patty Withycombe
Susan Yannitelli

*Arizona Humane Society Board of Directors

2017 Circle of Friends Donors

Names in bold indicate our very best friends who made gifts ranging from $1,500 to $10,000!

Anonymous (4)
Martha & Bryan Albue
Tony Alfonso
Janet Alon
Donna & A.G. Atwater, Jr.
Janessa & Steve Bernstein
Allison & Robert Bertrand
Richard Best
Lila Blandford
Lee Bowman
Rebecca Bowman
Tim & Katie Bradley
Cheryl & Richard Brock
Bob & Bobbie Burns
Suzanne Butler
Camelback Sports Therapy
Cheryl Carr
Katherine & Rick Cecala
Margaret & William Clark
Carol & Larry Clemmensen
Paul & Allison Contris
Terry Curtis
Janet & Clive Cussler
Ann Damiano
Jennifer Danziger
Kathy Davis
Scott & Joni Davis
Ann & Greg Denk
Jonathan Dee &
Margaret Stone

Debbie DePaoli
Alice J. Dickey
Jacquie Dorrance –
Dorrance Family

Doug & Kelly Eaton
Colleen & James Edwards
Ellman Foundation
Cynthia Emmons
Ardie & Steve Evans
Mary Frances & Stephen Ewing
Sheryl Fannin & Mitch Bland
Tammy Fannin
Nanette Ford
Shelly & Hannah Forstrom
Amy Flood & Larry West
Fresh Aircraft Sales
Lisa Futo & Ed Troell
Ira Gaines &
Cheryl Hintzen-Gaines

Lori & Dan Galvin
Sandy & Bert Getz
The Gibney Family
The Globe Foundation

Noel & Dan Gosnell
Heather &
Michael Greenbaum

Dan & Kathy Grubb
Mark & Carol Grumley
Melinda & John Gulick
Cissie Hall
LuAnn & Dr. Steven Hansen
June D. Hanson
Jane & Craig Hart
Nadine & Bruce Hart
Steve & Kaye Helm
Hanna & Kris Henderson
Jeanne & Frank Hertz
Karen & Bob Hobbs
Kathy & Greg Hunt
Susanne Ingold
Laurie Jackson
David J. Jacofsky
Carolyn Johnsen
The Gary &
Christine Jones

Pamela Kalish –
The Priscilla Fund

Andrea Katsenes
Melissa & Peter Katz
Karlene Kieffer
Lisa Kimmel
Lou Kissling
Margot & Dennis Knight
Rob & Myndi Kort
Sharron Lewis
Dale & Karen Litton
Dan Lukitsch
Tracey Lyons
Lauren Martich
Cindy & Don P. Martin
Sherry & Steve Martori
Alison & Tim McAdam
Jamie & Bella Middleton
Kerry & Bob Milligan
Nancy Mitchell
Keely E. Moran
Judee & Dave Morrison
David & Jeannette Morrocco
Mueller Family
Charitable Fund

Claudia & Bud Neal
Kimberlee & Amador Padilla
Penny & Steve Papadopoulos
Rose & Harry Papp
Chris & Kelsea Patton
Suzanne Pearl

Craig Pearson
Roberta & Jim Pederson
Nancy Pendleton
Wick & Jill Pilcher
Bill & Gloria Robinson
John & Linda Roman
Lois & Steve Savage –
The Synchronicity Fund
Carol Schilling
Joette Schmidt
Susan &
Ford Schumann
Amanda F. Shaw
Dr. Caren Siehl
Ann Siner –
My Sister’s Closet

Suzanne Singer
William & Catherine Stewart
Robynn & Robert Sussman
Dr. Craig Thatcher &
Ken Schutz
Amy Thurston
Fred & Mary Tucker
B. Van Denburgh
Verizon Foundation
Meredith &
Charlie Von Arentschildt
Matt Waller
Rob &
Melani Walton

Pam & John Ward
The Ann Warren
Charitable Fund of
The Philadelphia
Chris Watts & Lauren Smith
Cindy & Mike Watts
Daryl & Chip Weil
Stephanie & Chuck Whetstine
Susan Whitaker
Jana Sample Wilcke
Bob & Sandi Williams
Ronald Wilson &
Bonnie Naegle-Wilson
Patty & Keith Withycombe
Drusilla D. Wylie
Susan & Peter Yannitelli
Barbara & Charlie Young
Laura Ziff