Legacy Circle Testimonials

Why I’ve Made a Commitment to the Arizona Humane Society – Our Legacy Circle Members

“We have been supporters of the Arizona Humane Society since moving here 20 plus years ago from the Midwest. Our current four “kids” are all AHS adoptees. Talini in particular chose my husband when we visited the site to find an addition to our family after the passing of one our cats. She is a drooler and by the time we were done with our introduction visit, my husband was marked. She seems to appreciate her forever home and would like to see us adopt more friends for her as she intently watches the Pets on Parade telecast every Saturday.

We have been volunteers at the Sunnyslope Campus in the past and are looking forward to retirement when we will be able to become even more involved with volunteering and becoming ongoing foster parents. When we began our estate planning, we knew we wanted to involve the organization and have a plan in place for our pets when we passed. Researching the Legacy Circle and the benefits of AHS’ Continuing Care program was a perfect fit. We know we will continue to support the wonderful programs such as the Kitten Nursery, Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™ and the Working Cats. Watching the development of AHS over the years and seeing the difference in the community by the lower numbers of intake and euthanasia reaffirms our belief that our support will be going to help animals in need for years to come. With the Continuing Care program, we have the peace of mind knowing that if we pass before our beloved pets, they will be cared. Having no family in state there will not be an added stress to those we leave behind of having to worry about finding loving homes for them.

We encourage anyone with pets or a love of animals to get involved with your time by volunteering or fostering, supporting legislation, adopting from AHS and becoming a Legacy Circle member. The Arizona Humane Society will continue to make the community stronger and be an example for other organizations on the difference they can make with our support.”

Kimberly and Scott Hilgendorf
Parents of Tali, Bella, Floki and Copper

LC_Marilyn-and-Robert-Tringali“As lifelong animal lovers and advocates, we truly believe in our responsibility to respect, care for and protect companion animals. Arizona Humane Society lives those values in all they do. From rescuing the abused, to healing the injured and sick, to finding the best homes for the homeless, AHS dramatically changes the lives of animals in our community. And as an independent, non-profit organization, they don’t receive government funds or money from any other humane agencies – AHS relies on us, as members of this community, to continue their life-saving work.

We are real, ordinary people that contribute to AHS when we can. Every donation counts – no matter the amount – as it adds up to make an amazing difference in the lives of animals. We recently decided to become a part of the AHS Legacy Circle by choosing to add AHS as a beneficiary of our estate. Our four dogs are our beloved family members and their care in the event of something happening to us has always been a major concern. Now that we are part of the Legacy Circle, our dogs are eligible and have been enrolled in the AHS Continuing Care program. When we pass on, our dogs will be accepted by AHS and will be found a wonderful new home so they can continue to be loved and cared for. We are so relieved and happy to have established a future for our pets while continuing to support animals across Maricopa County.”

Robert and Marilyn Tringali
Parents of Remy, Echo, Adobie and Corky

LC_Mary-Malstrom“The Arizona Humane Society takes on responsibilities that require significant resources. I have so much admiration for the EAMTs, who, with expertise, maturity, and courage, meet the needs of animals in crisis. Their rescue work is possible because donations pay for ambulances and the gas to power them, the technologies to equip them, and the medics to staff them. The heroic people in Admissions have never said ‘no’ to me when I turn to AHS with rescued animals; not when I showed up with a Pit Bull pup in my cat’s carrier, not when I handed over a single tiny kitten, not when I delivered a sick feral cat to the back door. Keeping the lights on for all who rely on AHS takes financial wherewithal, especially if a surrender requires treatment in Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™.

Beezie showed up at my door filthy and solidly expectant. AHS would have welcomed the little Tortie cat, but I chose to keep her. When Bea’s kittens eventually had to go to the shelter for their surgeries and adoptions, I sobbed. My hat is off to foster care volunteers, generous people who have the courage to break strong caregiving bonds, then step up to the process all over again. Our financial contributions – yours and mine – help to keep so many programs that save the lives of animals up and running. It is all important work, and I feel good about partnering with others, both in my future giving plans and by my checkbook donations now, to support the mission of AHS.”

Mary Malstrom
With AHS dog Holly

LC_Nelsons“We believe that animals transform us, and we usually adopt the hard luck cases – the animals that no one else wants. We have seven rescued pets: a dog, four cats and two parrots. Our cat, Tigre, was adopted from AHS after treatment in Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™ in 2002. After our beloved cat died, we drove to AHS to adopt and met Tigre, who had a large wound that penetrated the muscles along his spinal column in the outline of a knife. He took one look at us and decided we should adopt him! He stuck his paw through the bars of the hospital cage, tapped Steve on the shoulder, meowed, and effectively stole our hearts. Years later, he ‘diagnosed’ Kris’ cancer and was featured on Fox 10 news for that accomplishment!

As a veterinarian, speaker and author, Kris celebrates the human-animal bond each and every day. We are leaving a legacy to AHS to support Second Chance Animal Hospital™, to ensure that animals like Tigre will have these resources in the future. We hope our gift will allow future generations of people and animals to experience the joy we do with our rescued pets. Truth be told, they rescued us, and truly bring meaning to our lives.”

Dr. Kris and Steve Nelson
With AHS dog Bandit

LC_Cheryl-and-John“Rescued animals have been a part of our family all our adult lives. Each of the pets we adopted, rescued or fostered have affected us in their own wonderful way. We realize how dependent they are upon someone giving them a chance to find a connection with a person or family who will love and care for them the rest of their lives. Through volunteering and fostering animals with the AHS, we have found that the AHS programs do an excellent job at giving animals that chance at connecting with their “forever ” family. We have been so touched many times by the impact the gift of a second chance AHS has given to rescued animals. While we donate to the AHS each year, we wanted to find a way to extend our support for many years to come and the planned giving program provides us with opportunity. We are proud to be able to participate in the planned giving program so that AHS can continue their mission.”

Cheryl Wyatt and John Wenderski
Parents of Harriet MacGregor and Kirby

“There are six cats living in my house. Actually I am living in their house! There has been a succession of dogs who also shared this cat house. All of the cats and most of the dogs were graduates of the Arizona Humane Society foster hero program and I was their foster parent. They have contributed immensely to my happiness and well-being, and in return, I want to be assured that they will have care to the end of their lives. It is easy to support a charity that does as much good as AHS in such a variety of areas. For one, there is their support of legislative action which speaks loudly for the little ones who have no voice. As a long-time volunteer for AHS, I know this organization works hard to fulfill its mission statement, and at the same time, uses donated funds in a fiscally responsible fashion. I’m comfortable with every dollar sent to them, knowing it will be used wisely. For these reasons, I’m also relaxed knowing that when it becomes necessary, my furry best friends will continue to enjoy their lives in carefully chosen new homes. If anything should happen to me, Continuing Care has us covered!”

Camille Shepard