Join Us As a Voice for Animals

The Arizona Humane Society is a member of the Humane Legislative Coalition of Arizona (HLCA), an alliance of the state’s leading, active, humane organizations and advocates who share the common goals of protecting animals from abuse, neglect and cruelty, and ensuring that those who harm animals are held accountable.

This past year, AHS and the HLCA successfully led efforts to pass a pair of state bills that will make our community safer for animals.

Calls about children and animals in distress in hot cars occur far too often during our blazing Valley summers. But now, a new Arizona law aimed to end hot-car deaths, will help curtail senseless deaths in our community. HB2494 allows Good Samaritans to take action without risk of civil liability if they rescue a child or a pet from a hot car.

Animal advocates also have a reason to celebrate tax season thanks to the signing of HB2523, which allows Arizona residents to make a voluntary contribution via a check off box to fund much-needed affordable spay/neuter services throughout Arizona. This initiative is expected to generate close to $200,000 to support spay/neuter efforts statewide.

We thank you for joining us as the voice for animals.

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