ID#: 571108
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Gender: Female
Age: 4 years
Arrived: Nov. 24, 2017
Location: Campus for Compassion

My Story:

  • Rosanna was brought to the shelter by our EAMT/Cruelty Investigations team. She is loves attention and is very affectionate. She will rest her head on your leg and occasionally nudge your arm for attention while you are working at the computer. Rosanna has a lot of energy and loves to play, but doesn't really know how to play fetch. Our behavior team has started to work with her on her focus and reactivity to dogs in order to help her further recover from her former life and keep her happy while she is staying with us. She is very treat motivated. Rosanna has now been at the shelter for over a month and is experiencing kennel stress, so we are seeking a SAFE Foster Home for her. Becuase she lived outdoors her entire life, she will need some assistance with house training and indoor manners. She would enjoy being a temporary companion for someone while looking for an adoptive home! Rosanna is 72 lbs.

My Needs:

  • Normal dog care.
  • Very strong, would do best with a foster physically able to handle her.
  • Recommend feeding out of puzzle feeders and Kong's as an outlet for her energy.
  • High energy dog that needs daily exercise in the home and would do best with an active family who will play with her in the yard regularly.
  • Needs to be only dog in home.
  • Would do best in a home with a fenced back yard that she cannot see through, due to her reactivity to other dogs.
  • Not suitable for apartment living due to her level of energy.
  • AHS will provide food, medical care and medical supplies during the foster period. Type of home Rosanna tells us she's looking for:

Type of home I'm looking for:

  • Foster parent or forever parent MUST make doggy meatballs! (ground style canned dog food used as a treat.. shh, don't tell Rosanna)
  • A home that has squeeky toys.
  • Someone to help her continue to learn house manners.