The Arizona Humane Society is extremely grateful for the passion and dedication of its 2016 Compassion with Fashion committee. The committee’s commitment to supporting event planning and execution is key in making Compassion with Fashion one of the Valley’s most beloved events.

2016 Cmte Photo

Committee Chairs:

Suzanne Pearl* and Joni Davis
Event Chairs

Andrea Marconi* and Katherine Cecala*
Table Sales Chairs

Karlene Kieffer* and Gina Apresa*
Silent Auction Chairs

Kerry Milligan*
Circle of Friends Chair

Kimberlee Reimann Padilla*
Décor Chair

Mary Frances Ewing*
Engagement Chair

Judith Wanderman and Heather Staudohar
Parade of Paws Chairs

Carly Post
Menu Chair

*AHS Board of Directors

Committee Members:

Claire Anderson
Marcia Balestrino
Courtney Beller
Renee Bestor
Bree Boehlke
Sarah Border
Shaun Bracken
Alison Brown
Ron & Lynda Buchanan
Michael Bunda
Megan Cadotte
Lindsay Campbell
Julie Capone
Cathy Comer
Allison Contris
Susan Coughlon
Ann Damiano*
Jill Diamond
Brenda DiMuro
Annie Duddy
Soon Flynn
Shelly Forstrom
Denise Fulton
Jessica Gale
Lori Galvin
Brianna Gillette
Heather Greenbaum

Melinda Gulick*
Nadine Hart
Carole Harwood
Mandy Holmes
Jessica Iennarella
Janine Jacobs
Laurie Jackson
Melissa Rupoli Katz
Tracy Krall
Lauren Krepitch
Sara Mayer
Cathy McCaughtry
Beth McRae
Jamie & Bella Middleton
Matt Morgan
Judee Morrison
Misty Mulleneaux
Sarah Panozzo
Maria Peck
Craig Pearson
G Pelliteri
Nancy Pendleton
Kate Perrin
Denise Pine
Linda Rawles
Ellie Reick
Cheri Richardson

Rhonda Richardson
Catie Richman
Kiffie Robbins
Christina Robinson
Diane Rogers
Eileen Rogers*
Sharon Ronstadt
Meredith Savage
Tracy Schreiner
Amanda Shaw*
Tanya Simpson
Ann Siner*
Sue Singer
Liz Sugges
Craig Thatcher*
Tammy Wallace
Anna Walp
Regi Lynn Walston
Caren Warshaw
Cindy Watts
Daryl Weil
Stephanie Whitlow
Janet Williams
Taylor Wilson
Patty Withycombe

Chairmen’s Club

Compassion with Fashion is one of the most beloved charity events in the Valley. Over the past 18 years, this prestigious group of women has created a legacy that has made a profound difference in the lives of countless animals. We would not be here today without you passion, dedication and commitment to our homeless pets. Thank you!
Past Chair Photo

1999 Betty McRae
Beth McRae
Stephanie McRae
2008 Sharron Lewis
Barbara Payne
Heather Lewis
Diedre Bliss
2000 Lois Savage
Meredith Savage
2009 Barbara Young
Kimberlee Reimann Padilla
2001 Danny Medina
Judy Edwards
2010 Daryl Weil
Beryl Hassig
Susan Wissink
2002 Jacquie Dorrance
Ashley Dorrance
2011 Melinda Gulick
2003 Daryl Weil 2012 Melinda Gulick
Kiffie Robbins
2004 Heidi Teets
Nancy Teets
2013 Kiffie Robbins
Kim Willems
2005 Michelle Blincoe
Priscilla Nicholas
Tanya Rietz
2014 Katherine Cecala
Andrea Marconi
2006 Patty Withycombe
Lauren Withycombe Keeler
Carmella Withycombe
2015 Suzanne Pearl
Johannah Williams
2007 Heather Greenbaum
Julie Belgrad
2016 Suzanne Pearl
Joni Davis