Pet Behavior Tips

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Tips to Care for Your Furry Friends

Whether you’re prepping to welcome a new pet into your home or looking for advice to care for the pets you currently have, you’ll find plenty of information and guidance in the fact sheets below.


Canine Body Language

Canine Enrichment

Crate Training
Video: Crate Training

House Training

The Fearful Dog

Dog Park Tips

Separation Anxiety Training Tips

Dog-Dog Introductions

Dog-Cat Introductions

Children & Dogs: Important Information for Parents

Pet Training: Training Your Dog or Cat with Treats & Praise

Children & Dogs: Why Dogs Bite

Choosing A Dog Trainer

Dog Breed Characteristics

Dog Breeds: Nordic

Understanding Canine Body Language


Dog Toys & How to Use Them

Understanding Destructive Behavior and Chewing in Dogs

Games For Kids and Dogs

Games: Tug o’ War & Its Rules

Understanding Fearful Behavior in Dogs

Hiking, Camping & Outdoor Activities with Your Dog

Understanding Normal Puppy Chewing

Inside or Out? Making Your Dog Part of the Family

Understanding Normal Puppy Nipping and Rough Play

Introducing Your New Dog to Your Other Pets

Exercise with Your Dog

Understanding Submissive and Excitement Urination

Keeping Your Dog Confined to Your Property

Understanding Territorial Marking Behavior in Dogs and Cats

Pet Training: Crate Training Your Dog

Understanding the Barking Dog

Pet Training: Housetraining Your Puppy

Understanding the Developmental Stages of Puppy Behavior

Pet Training: How to Use a Head Halter

Understanding the Dog Who Digs

Pet Training: Nothing in Life Is Free

Understanding the Dog Who Escapes

Pet Training: Redirecting Your Dog’s Undesirable Behavior

Understanding the Dog with Fear of Thunder and Loud Noises

Pet Training: Re-housetraining Your Adult Dog

Understanding the Dog with Separation Anxiety

Understanding Unusual Eating Habits in Dogs & Cats

How to Stuff a Kong

Dog Training Classes

Need help training your dog? As you may have already noticed, dog training takes a lot of time – and patience from you and your pet. But keep in mind that a well-trained pet is a happy pet. If you and your dog could use some pointers, check out AHS’ dog training classes. We offer four-week all-encompassing courses, or specialty two-week classes.