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Sergeant Pepper
Age: 2 years
 Domestic Mediumhair
Her new mom Libby writes, “When my husband and I first adopted Sergeant Pepper, formerly Coffee Bean, he was extremely reclusive and always hiding. At AHS they told us that he had been rescued from a hoarding house, which explained why he acted this way. He was put on the buddy system with another kitty named Bella, now known as Lucy, who we also adopted! He spent his first month with us hiding in any nook and cranny he could find, without venturing outside of our guest room where we have the kitties set up. We would make time every day to find him and pet him on his terms if he would let us, and try to build trust. Slowly, he started creeping outside of the guest room, began coming up to us without have to be coaxed out of hiding, and started to feel safe and at home. Now, a little over three months later, they both greet us at the door, has his own “chair” in the living room that he loves lounging on, is always asking for a good chin scratch, and loves playing with his favorite string toy! We’re so happy that he’s opened up and we adore him and Lucy!



Pooh Bear
Age: 3 months
 Labrador Retriever/Anatolian Shepherd Mix
Her new mom Nicole writes, “After visiting the Arizona Humane Society week after week, we met Pooh Bear, formerly Mocha, and absolutely fell in love with her. After losing our Chihuahua the past Christmas, my family and I missed having a dog at home. Pooh Bear has a very special place in our hearts now. She is so loving, playful, friendly, goofy, and adorable. She has everyone’s heart and she loves the attention. She is the happiest puppy ever!




 1.5 years
Breed: Chihuahua
Her new mom Nikki writes, “Luci, formerly Milo Boo Boo, grabbed the hearts of my two little boys, who are 8 and 2 years old. She adores them and protects them. They play and have a blast with her!”



 3 years
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Her new mom Diana writes, “We adore Chloe, formerly Trixie. We brought her home shortly after our sweet Henry passed (he was 18 years old). She loves playing and loves her toys! She has made a place for herself in our hearts and is keeping our Tabbie-Tortie Lucy busy, too. We’re grateful for her everyday.”



 2 years
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Her new dad Brice writes, “I had be wanting to adopt a dog for a while but I was taking my time and making sure I was ready for the responsibility. One Saturday afternoon, I decided to take a look at the Arizona Humane Society website to see what was out there and immediately knew I wouldn’t be taking my time anymore. When I saw Belle, I had to have her. I emailed and called right away to ask about her and drove all the way from North Phoenix with my roommate’s dog, Dixie, to meet her. It was love at first sight for me, but Belle and Dixie took longer to warm up to each other and there was some debate about whether they would become friends or not. They are now best friends, and in fact, they’re inseparable. Belle has been amazing and I couldn’t be happier with her. We’ve already been on adventures all over northern Arizona and to the beach in San Diego and we’ll be in the mountains of Colorado in a few weeks! Thank you for helping me find Belle!



 4 years
Breed: English Pointer
Her new dad Andy writes, “I was looking at the AHS web site and saw this very skinny little girl who melted my heart. I went to go see her and I had to have her. The next day I went back with my wife to be sure my wife’s wheelchair didn’t bother Razzy and grandkids so we could see how she would handle 7-year-old twins. We adopted her but she had kennel cough. Razzy had to spend 10 days in the Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital before we were able to bring her home. She met our 11-year-old St. Bernard and our 2 cats and all went well. We had a learning curve potty training because using the doggie door was a scary but three days later, we had it down well on how to use it. Razzy has fit into our house very very well. I have an anxiety disorder that she has picked up on and tell me before I have an attack. She is now my service dog and we pretty much go every place together. I would like to thank you all from the young man that helped me with her on the first day to the vet staff and the cleaners for all that you do to help animals like this.”



Age: 2 years
Breed: Shih Tzu Mix
Her new dad Chris writes, When we first met Mia, we were told that her previous owners moved out and left her behind. I can’t imagine why anyone would abandon this sweet girl. She has been an absolute joy to have. She learned how to use the doggy door after about 4 days, and she’s completely housebroken. She does tricks and is so loving. All she wants to do is give everyone kisses. At first, our Yorkie wasn’t so excited to have her around, but now they play together like they’ve been friends for years. When we first got her, she was a shaggy mess, but a quick trip to the groomer and you can really see how cute she is. This picture is from our last camping trip, which she absolutely loves to go on.”



Age: 8 years
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Her new mom Heather writes, “It had been several months since we lost our dog, Merkin, unexpectedly and we were ready to adopt again. On the way to the shelter, we made some decisions on what we were looking for… male dog, about 75 pounds, black coat, and about 3 to 4 years old. Biscuit, formerly Foxy, checked exactly none of those boxes (female, 35 pounds, light brown, and 8 years old) but it was love at first sight. She loves to snuggle and I love her high pitched bark and her wall eye. She is the perfect dog for us!”



Shadow & Cinnamon
 9 months
Breed: Guinea Pigs
Their new mom Linda writes, “I was looking to add to our brood of animals and just fell in love with Cinnamon and Shadow, formerly Gidget and Minnie. We are now working through the taming and socialization process with them. Both Cinnamon and Shadow love taking vegetables from my hand and are starting to come up to me directly. They are quite the loves!”



Age: 4-years
Breed: Chihuahua Mix
His new mom Alyssa writes, “Roo (formerly Biscuit) and I first met at Sunnyslope when I brought him home for a 2 night stay as part of a Sleep Study being conducted by ASU. From the moment Roo set foot in my house, it was as if he were already at home. In 48 hours, he bonded with my other dog, Addison, and served as her “buddy” during his two night stay. As a total love bug and goofball, Roo entertained my whole family with his energy and antics. At night, he curled right up next to me in bed, snuggled his little snout against my ear and breathed the sweetest little “chirp” of happiness! It was as if he knew this was to be his forever home, though I knew I could not keep him. Two days after returning Roo to AHS, I called my aunt to come meet him hoping she might adopt him. The instant he entered the play yard to “meet-and-greet” with my aunt and her dog, he saw me standing nearby and when his eyes met my mine, my heart just melted and I ran over to meet him. I squealed “Biscuit” and he literally lept into my arms to kiss my face, squeaking in delight. My aunt laughed and said, “Well I think we know who Biscuit has chosen!” And it was at that very moment, holding the sweet little furbaby in my arms, looking at his adoring big eyes, I knew he was coming home with me forever!”



Age: 1.5-years
Breed: Whippet/Boxer Mix
Her new mom Sherry writes, “We lost our sweet girl of 13 yrs and we were not going to get another dog, but my husband went on the Arizona Humane Society website & when we saw that face, that was it. She came in so traumatized from her hoarding situation she didn’t even want to be touched. We adopted her and now she’ll wrap her paw around us to pet her and kiss her neck or head. We still have a few things to work on… slowly but surely, she is coming around and really loves her furever home, and we couldn’t love her more!”



Age: 4-months
Breed: German Shepherd/Chow Chow Mix
Her new mom Aries writes, “My boyfriend and I have been searching for a new addition to our family and we both agreed we wanted a puppy. After searching all over the Valley, we made a trip to the Arizona Humane Society. We looked throughout the kennels with the help of a volunteer, we found Gia, formerly Della. I fell in love with her as soon as I met her – she was calm and was the cutest and sweetest little girl. I knew she would be a perfect fit. After the adoption it took her a while to get comfortable with us but within a few days she was running around playing with her new toys and enjoying life. We both love her with all of our hearts and she’s the best thing to happen to us. She’s become my best friend in such a short time and I am forever grateful to AHS for helping me find my new bestie!”



Age: 7-months
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Her new mom Jewels writes, “I saw MeMe, now Cupcake, on AHS’ website and there was something about her and I needed to see her. I called the store many times making sure that she was still there because my husband and I live in Sedona, AZ and because my husband has Parkinson’s, it wasn’t easy for us to get out there. I asked them to hold her and they told me that they could not, but I asked them if she got adopted before we got there to call me and they agreed. When we got to Petique at Biltmore Fashion Park, we found out that they held her for us! I went to meet with her first and it was love at first sight! When my husband came in a few minutes later with our other two dogs, I had already decided she was our baby and we needed to adopt her. Now she gets a long great with our oldest Poodle girl Kira who is 13 years old and she is extremely bonded to our 1-year-old female Cairn Terrier mix, Cookie. They all lay together out in the sun and in my office while I work. Cupcake will be going to our trainer here to work on some separation anxiety issues she has, but she is the perfect match for us! We all love her so much!!”



Age: 3-year
Breed: Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier Mix
His new dad Stephen writes, “We had been looking for another small dog. We have a 7.5-year-old ChiWienieJack and a 13-year-old Chihuahua. I was heading past Biltmore one day and decided to just “stop in and look around.” We saw Stevie (as in Stevie Wonder) wearing the cone of shame and had to check out why. Then I saw his face (absolutely a cutie) and saw he had no eyes, so I asked about his back story and learned he had been a victim of abuse. Someone poked him in the eyes with a pointed object and threw him out in the desert. A kind person found him and turned him into AHS, and there was even an article in the papers about how difficult it could be to place him due to his being blind. I called my wife about him and went back to get her and the two dogs to meet him at Petique. Well my wife Jean and I fell for him like a ton of bricks. We weren’t sure how he would like to travel, but he just fits right in! He curls up in the back seat with the other two and settles in for the trip. We are now back home in MN and it took him just minutes to get used to the new surroundings. With what he has been through, it’s hard to believe he is so sweet. Thank you all once again for letting him rescue us from only having 2 dogs!”



Age: 1-year
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Her new mom Cammie writes, “We have always adopted from the Arizona Humane Society. About a year and a half ago we lost our dog Angel. Halo, who we adopted about seven years ago from AHS, seemed OK with just being an only dog. We would travel up north and do things that I couldn’t typically do with two dogs. But it just seemed to me that Halo was not happy. I began watching the website and I saw Raven. I had to make sure she would fit with our household of two cats as well. We got her one Sunday afternoon and I had the next day off work to spend time with her. It took Raven a while to get adjusted, but she is really coming around. We know whatever her past life was like she is thoroughly enjoying this new life. One of our cats, Tigger, loves to play with her! And one of her favorite things to do is to get Halo around 2 AM and go out in the backyard and play. Which means a lot of running through the dog door in my bedroom – they fly in and out of the dog door chasing each other! Her little personality is starting to come out. We can’t wait to see what it’s like a year from now. She is a perfect fit for our family!”



Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
His new mom Bailey writes, “Moose has been an absolute joy to have around! It truly was love at first sight, as I did not plan on taking a dog home that day. But the moment I met him, I knew I couldn’t leave him at the shelter. In the short time that I’ve had him, he has absolutely become my best friend, and we’re both looking forward to lots of adventures in the years to come! We’re even working on having him trained as a therapy dog. Thank you to everyone at AHS for rescuing him!”


Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
His new dad James writes, “Hello, my name is Azir and I was at AHS for about 4 months until I found my new home. I am now in such a loving home where I can’t wait for my owners to come home after a long day of work. I wag my tail and shake my butt of excitement when I hear them come through the door, and then I love to roll over and have them run my belly. Also, I get taken on walks everyday and have learned to sit and lay down. I can’t wait to continue to grow here and with a family who loves me!”



Breed: Miniature Whippet/Boxer Mix
Her new mom Sherry writes, “My husband & I just lost our Shepherd/Beagle Mix after 13 years and didn’t think we wanted another dog. Well, my husband was just ‘looking’ on the Arizona Humane Society website and fell in love with Gabby, formerly Baby Girl. Needless to say, we adopted her (she was from a hoarding/puppy mill) situation. The volunteers worked with her which helped tremendously as she was severely traumatized. Today, she’s our wonderfully lovable and playful bundle of love and wouldn’t trade her for anything!”



Breed: Chihuahua Dachshund Mix
His new mom Phoebe writes, “I found this guy online and had to come down and adopt him. His name and my Dad’s name are the same and I found him on my Dad’s birthday. How could I not? He is wonderful, gets along with my other dogs, is housebroken, leash and crate trained. We’re working on keeping him out of the cat food!”



Age: 3-years
Breed: Chihuahua
His new mom Maddy writes, “I adopted Dobby, formerly Bart, from the Arizona Humane Society several months ago. He had recently lost his eye and was extremely shy and nervous around people. Yet, when I was first introduced to Dobby, I sensed the warrior persona that is characteristic of Chihuahuas lying beneath the veil of fear that surrounded this little dog. He just needed a little help unleashing his courageous side. Little did I know, the help that I could provide him pales in comparison to the joy he has brought into my life. Each morning, Dobby wakes up as four pounds of pure excitement! He is, without a doubt, a big dog trapped in a little body. His quirky personality makes me laugh every day. Having one eye does little to stop this lionhearted little man. I am extremely grateful to AHS for taking care of Dobby before I adopted him. He is such a blessing.”


Voodoo & Black Magic
Age: 4-months & 5-months
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Their new mom Brittney writes, “When I saw them online, I knew they were something special. The descriptions of spunky and shy melted my heart. I had to meet them! I met them at the Sunnyslope campus and fell in love. Two months later, Voodoo (formerly Liam) and Black Magic (formerly Cecil) are two spoiled boys that have come completely out of their shells. They spend their days playing on their 6-foot cat tree or with one of countless toys. Voodoo enjoys chasing the red dot and Magic loves his Mylar crackle balls. Adopting them was the best decision I’ve made so far! They bring so much joy to my life with their delighted purrs when I come home. They even make my mom, who claims to despise cats, smile and laugh with their adorable antics. Thank you, Arizona Humane Society!”



Border Collie Mix
His new mom Cyndi writes, “Unfortunately we lost our older dog in August of 2015. I had the older dog for 14 years and was devastated when I lost her. Rose was a great comfort to me and believed that she would be enough. But as my heart healed I began to notice that Rose needed a playmate. But I was unwilling to bring just any dog into the house. It had to be the right dog. I spent a lot of time on the AHS website just waiting for that shot to the heart. Then I saw Buddy’s picture. I was at the shelter the next morning and brought him home. It was love at first sight for everyone. Rose and Buddy spend hours just playing and chasing each other around our big back yard. Both our kids are big lovers. They climb into our laps, love to give kisses, and Buddy sleeps on the bed with us. My floors constantly need to be swept and my couches need to be vacuumed and we love every moment. We can’t imagine our life without our babies.”



Domestic Shorthair
Her new mom Lynn writes, “In 2016 we lost our 14-year-old little black kitty, Cleopatra. We knew we wanted another black cat to fill the loss we all felt, especially Izzy, our TNR stray. I knew we would adopt from the Arizona Humane Society, and it was love at first sight! Luna, formerly Sadie, immediately put her paws on my knees, bopped me with her head, and tried to climb in my purse. Love at first sight! The advice I received regarding introduction of Luna to Izzy was spot on. The free vet check-up introduced me to an amazing vet practice that is friendly to cats. Luna has brought all of us great joy. Thank you for all you do!’



 Domestic Shorthair
His new dad David writes, “Jackson, formerly Charlie, lost part of his femur in an unknown injury. We connected right right away and he rode home on my lap. It took him about an hour to find the bed where he spent most of his first week home. He’s a great cuddler. He has his energy back now and bats things around the house. He loves to be in the backyard but his favorite room is the bathroom. The bathtub is a skate park to him and he has fun unraveling the toilet paper roll.”



 Border Collie/Lab Mix
Her new mom Monica writes, “Kona, formerly Dakota, has been a wonderful addition to our family! She has fit in with our four cats and our human kids quite well. She was a little shy at first, and she was terrified of cars, but we took her with us everywhere, and she quickly came out of her shell. Today she LOVES walks, and we are starting a jogging program together. We also hike whenever possible and go to the bark park to meet new friends. We take her with us to eat out on the patio at restaurants, and she is happy to meet all sorts of new people. We started an obedience class last week, and Kona is a superstar! When I am home, she follows me everywhere I go; she is my little shadow. I cannot imagine a life without her now.”



 Cairn Terrier Mix
Her new dad Chet writes, “We adopted Sassy, formerly Tinsel, the week before Thanksgiving of 2016. What a difference this little dog has made to our lives. She is such a part of the family and now we cannot imagine not having her. She is so sweet and very grateful for the rescue, she shows us everyday with lots of love and loyalty. What a great experience this was for the entire family. It truly is an awesome love story for us.”



 Chihuahua Mix

Her new mom Suzanne writes, “I saw Gizmo, now Lily, on the website. I went to Sunnyslope and saw this tiny little angel in a cold kennel surrounded by large loud barking dogs. The staff didn’t have any real information on her because she had been a stray. I stood there for a long time just watching her and she was so quiet and just sad. She stared at me with those liquid brown eyes… but I resisted. But I kept watching the website and was thrilled when she was moved to the Bitlmore, surely one of the ladies who lunch would fall in love and take her home, but days later, she was still there. Finally, Friday afternoon I went and said to myself, ‘I’m just looking, maybe a meet and greet but I’m just looking.’ When I saw her again I was still mesmerized by her. So delicate and quiet and well behaved. One of the volunteers let me meet her in a room, so I sat down on the floor, she crawled in my lap and it was done. She came home with me that day and has been my constant companion ever since. I didn’t know how much I missed having a dog until she came into my life. A giant hole has been filled with 9 pounds of chihuahua love. She has made me a happier more balanced person. We truly saved each other.”


 Pointer Mix

Her new mom Janet writes, “I lost my beloved dog Joe (also an AHS adoptee) in September 2016 and by December, I was feeling very lonely. I saw Phoebe, formerly Guerra, on your website and fell in love. When I got to Sunnyslope and met her, the staff told me she was part of a hoarding case and had been kept in a trailer for 2 years with no socialization. I took a chance! Within 5 minutes in the car home she crawled into my lap and we have been in love ever since! It has been almost 6 weeks now and she is a 2 year old puppy learning how to be a dog. It is sweet and sad at the same time. I am so glad she is in my life and I have made her world better. My thanks to the AHS for bringing us together. “


 Longhair Chihuahua Mix
His new mom Barbara writes, “Wen we first saw Chewy on the news, his story broke our hearts and we wanted to give him a new home and lots of love. I kept watching the Humane Society’s web site until we saw he was up for adoption. When they brought him to us, we all immediately bonded, with him rolling over on his back to have us rub his belly. Our other dog, Blondie, a little longhair Chihuahua mix was also a rescue and had been terribly abused. We brought Chewy home and took Blondie out to meet him. She’s not normally outgoing to strange dogs but she and Chewy loved each other right from the beginning. He had to work harder for our cats approval but the 3 of them are great together now. Blondie and Chewy eat together, play together and both sleep with us. He has made all of us so happy and we know we’ve made him happy too. There’s nothing more rewarding than having an animal that had been abused, playing, kissing you and wagging their tail.”


 Labrador Retriever
His new dad Chris writes, “My wife and I knew we wanted a second dog. We’ve had a yellow lab before, but you usually don’t see them at shelters. We rescued our last lab at this very same shelter. I was on the freeway about 5 minutes from the Sunnyslope location when my wife called and said “Will you please go check out Titan?” I did right then and there. 30 minutes later, Titan came home. Titan is now River. He loves hiking, being outdoors, taking rides in the truck, and being around family. We are so happy he is part of our family. He is very social and an all around happy guy.”


 Domestic shorthair

Her new mom Tina writes, “My baby Clover was purrrfect for my home! She caught my eye & scratched at the glass as I walked past. Now she sleeps with me every night, cuddles on the couch with me, has a ton of fun playing with her kitty sister who was bored to tears every day without her – she has made my house and our hears feel happy and whole.”


Arlo Orange
 Domestic Longhair

His new mom Loren writes, “Arlo, formerly Grey, was adopted into a super adventurous family! He now has the last name of Orange, and big brother chocolate lab named Kai. Arlo right from the get go was a big fan of the outdoors and following his big brother’s lead. Kai was quick to fall in love with Arlo as soon as we brought him home. I’m a big advocate for letting my pets explore just as much as we do, so I was ecstatic when I saw Arlo’s excitement for climbing trees and prancing in tall grass. We love this little dude, his snuggles and his sweet kisses he places upon my nose! Can’t imagine our house without him now. Thank you for making it so easy to find him and to fall in love. “


 Pharaoh Hound Mix

Her new mom Jeanie writes, “I lost my dog Sadie to cancer in December
2015, and then I lost my cat Buddha to old age in October 2016. My dog Dexter was lost and very bored. I happened upon Luna, formerly Dove, at Woofstock. Dexter’s tail wagged and he seemed genuinely interested in her, and she him. I learned of her story (she had come from an animal hoarder) and adopted her on sight. Walking her to my car was a challenge but I assured her that she just hit the doggie lottery! She’s since learned stairs and doggie door, loves to snuggle and give kisses, enjoys going on car rides and playing at the dog park. But most importantly, she loves her little brother and they play non-stop. She’s a great addition and a perfect fit! Thank you for saving her so I could find her!”

 Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

His new mom Alicia writes, “We originally went to adopt a different dog, but fell in love with Fred at first sight! He is such a happy, well-behaved, loyal, and easygoing companion who loves going on walks and cuddling. Thank you, AZ Humane for providing us with the chance to give this wonderful dog a forever home!”


 Terrier Mix

Her new mom Tricia writes, “Scrappy was destined to be a part of our family. We had adopted our first dog, Gumby, from the Arizona Humane Society a few months before my husband Anthony spotted Scrappy on the AHS website. When we saw her photo, we knew that we just had to meet her. What we did not realize right away when looking at her photo was that she was missing her right front leg. Unfortunately, Scrappy had been through the trauma of being hit by a car and had spent two weeks in the hospital before the decision was made to amputate. We met our darling girl 2 days post-op, but we can honestly say that she picked us to be her forever parents. Though it took a bit of time for adjustment, we are happy to report that Scrappy is happy, healthy and in a loving home! We are so grateful to the Arizona Humane Society for taking such good care of her. Scrappy has made our “furmily” truly complete.”


Bianca & Knuckles
4 and 2-years
 Schnauzer/Poodle and Cocker Spaniel/Poodle

Their new mom Jan writes, “We saw Bianca and Knuckles on the Arizona Humane Society website. We fell immediately in love and adopted them 2 months ago. They had been extremely neglected. We did have a definite adjustment period, but we called AHS and they sent out the most amazing person, Mic! She gave us the most wonderful tips. We initiated the great advice and now these two are the best “bonded pair” ever. We are so grateful and appreciative of all the wonderful people of the Arizona Humane Society. Thank you!”

 Domestic Black/White

Her new mom Karen writes, “Noir came home with me after I had to put our beloved George to sleep. She had a rough start in life but I feel she chose me. Full of love, she helped to heal my broken heart.”


 Short-haired rabbit

Her new mom Mary writes, “We adopted Cristal, formerly known as Ginger, in November. She has 3 human brothers and sisters who help take care of her. She has a big grassy back yard and a large indoor kennel for nighttime. She has bonded with our two dogs and so we went back in December to adopt a bunny friend for her to share her life with. His name was Duke of Derbyshire and was renamed Fhe. Together they are our home school’s mascot and get lots of outdoor exercise, love, & treats! We are a big complete family & classroom now.


 Domestic Black/White

His new mom, Sherry writes “Barry & I met Buster in the cat isolation unit at South Mountain where we volunteer. This 10 year old fellow’s owner became ill and had to give him up. We brought him home as soon as we could and put him in his tent in the living room so that he could adjust to us and our other cat. Three days later, he took over the house and our hearts.


Lucy & Lily
 Brown Tabby with white

Their new mom, Janna writes “They are playful and lovable kittens and I’m pleased that the two older kitties in the house have accepted them as well. They make me laugh every day and comfort me with their snuggles and purrs. Lucy and Lily are wonderful kittens and I look forward to having them around to train me for many, many years.


 Domestic Shorthair/Tortoise

Her new mom, Sherri writes “Rylee (formerly Goldie) is such a beautiful cat. She loves to pose for photos when she isn’t playing with her toys. She filled our hearts and home with love. Soon, she will be getting a sister from AHS.


 American Pit Bull Terrier

Her new mom, Carla writes “There are just no words for how much I love this baby (formerly Hops), she is so absolutely sweet and smart! So blessed to call her mine, I think she did the life saving


Age: 6-years
Breed: English Bull Dog

His new dad, Jim writes “We had had Harvey over a month now, took him to school, and virtually take him everywhere. My wife and I feel he is so much apart of our family, in such a short time.”


Age: 1-year
Breed: Mastiff Mix

His new mom Tori writes, “Moose loves his long walks and curling up in bed next to me. He’s more than I could’ve ever ask for. I’m beyond grateful I found him at your shelter. Thank you for my best friend.”




Age: 5-months
Breed: Domestic Short-Haired Cat

His new mom, Holly writes, “My husband said it best when he said there was a little Tucker shaped hole in our family and he filled it right in. We love him and he is happy. With his rough start we will do our best to make the rest of his life easy and happy as possible.”
Age: 6-years
Breed: Gray Tabby

His new mom Jennifer writes, “If it was not for the Arizona Humane Society, Chance and I would not have found each other and our family would not be complete. Thank you, AHS! We’ll always be grateful that you saved Chance and brought him into our lives!”


Age: 6-months
Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback mix

His new mom, Tracy writes” Riley was chosen by my son at only 15 weeks old . He’s our special loving companion and filled a special place for our family. Smiley Riley we call him as he’s always making us laugh.”



Age: 2-years
Breed: St. Bernard

His new mom Sally writes, “We saw Captain’s picture on AHS’ Facebook page and we fell in love! After our Golden Retriever met him and they got along, I knew it was meant to be. Captain is an amazing dog. His looks and size alone bring a smile to all who meet him. He is silly, playful and loves walks and treats. Most of all, Captain is “love in a fur coat”! He loves being with people and is never shy to ask for a belly rub! Our family loves him so much.”


Age: 3-years
Breed: Italian Greyhound mix

Her new mom, Wynter writes” Amber blossomed into an incredible, playful dog and has brought such joy to my life. She reminded me that just because I’ve experienced loss, that doesn’t mean I can’t find room in my heart for another. I am enjoying the outdoors a lot more and Amber loves our hikes and trips to the dog park. Despite spending a year to help Amber break out of her shell, every single day was worth it because I know have the most incredible dog!”


Age: 2-years
Breed: Domestic Short-Hair

Her new mom Sherrick writes, “We adopted Tally from AHS’ Petique at the Shops Norterra. She is exclusively a house cat and is enjoying her new surroundings. We find a lot of my daughters toys strung out all over the house in the morning as she has lots of fun in the middle of the night playing with stuff. She is very playful. We’re glad that we were able to give her a new home”

Zoey and Jack
Age: 8-months and 3-years
Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback mix and Jack Russell Terrier mix

Their new mom Crystal writes, “In November of 2013, I took home Diesel, now Zoey, a Miniature Pinscher and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. Then, just a few weeks ago, I visited again and we brought home Wally, now Jack, who is a Jack Russell Terrier mix. We love them both dearly and we don’t know what life would be like without them. Thank you for having such a great, clean facility and most importantly such caring and patient staff. AHS helped complete our family and for that we are forever grateful.”


Age: 8-years
Breed: Doberman Pinscher

His new mom Judith writes, “ We were a little concerned about our other dog Lolly who is particular when it comes to her companions. She likes to be the alpha dog and likes for her playmates to be mellow, and Gandalf was certainly not that. He is and has always been very, very active. After a few weeks of adjusting, I’m pleased to say that these two goofballs love each other very much. We are so glad to have found our big, goofy Gandalf. Thank you, AHS.”


Atticus Finchimage-jpeg31-2
Age: 5-months
Breed: orange tabbby

Her new mom September writes, “I named him Atticus Finch after the To Kill a Mockingbird character. His big sister, Emma, is an eight-year-old Goldendoodle. She loves Atticus and he loves her. They actually play together and enjoy chasing the laser light together.As you can see in the picture, Atticus has made himself right at home and thankfully Emma is more than happy to share. Thank you Arizona Humane Society for the great addition to my family!”


Age: 3-years
Breed: Patterdale Terrier

His new mom Judith writes, “We have been so happy with Max. He is the perfect dog. We also have a 7-year-old Westie and they have become best friends. Max is a wonderful cuddler. He loves to walk. We hike a local mountain trail 3 times a week and a flat trail once a week totaling about 10 miles a week. We have been so fortunate to find such a wonderful addition to our family. He is the best! Thanks AHS!”


tabby kittenDaisy
Age: 12-weeks
Breed: Tabby Kitten

Her new mom Sara writes, “We met a few little loves and then Maddie, now Daisy, was placed in our arms. We both instantly fell in love with her adorable face, playful nature and motor boat-like purring. She found us and we have fallen more in love with her every day. She loves snuggling and playing with socks! She is our purr-fect little girl and we could not be happier.


Age: 3-years
Breed: Chihuahua mix

Her new mom, Julie, writes, “He is VERY spunky and he loves to play with his buddy, Max (adopted from AHS four years ago). He loves walks, stuffed animals and moving our shoes to different rooms of the house. We are pretty sure obedience training will be on our future, but we love him!”


toy poodleChico
Age: 12-years
Breed: Toy Poodle

His new mom, Lori, writes, “He has been such a joy to our family. If someone hadn’t said he was 12 years old, you would never know. He loves to run with our other dogs and he plays like a puppy. We are so grateful you gave him the care he needed and chance to be someone’s treasure again. He will be loved and cherished for the rest of his life.”


Age: 8-months
Breed: Labrador Retriever

Her new mom, Julie, writes, “Zoey is amazing! After my husband and I split up, I went to the Arizona Humane Society and there she was. She’s so spoiled and goes with me everywhere I can take her. She has really helped me be happy. We walk every night and she gets regular baths then runs around the house all crazy like afterwards. She follows me everywhere and is always watching me. I love her. I couldn’t imagine my life without her!”


Age: 1-year
Breed: Chihuahua

His new mom, Margaret, writes, “Caesar, formerly known as Baby, is the best dog ever! We took him home and he has been a delight ever since. He loves going on walks. He especially loves our nearby park where he can roll in the grass. Taking him on walks to the park has really taught me to enjoy taking the time to relax. He makes us feel really good about ourselves because he is always so happy to see us. We can’t imagine life without him.”


Tater Tot
Age: 5-year
Breed: Chinese Shar-Pei

His new mom, Juju, writes, “My dog Kahli was suffering from the passing of my other dog. They were always together and I saw how stressed Kahli was without her. When I brought Tater home, Kahli’s behavior issues stopped. They lay next to each other, Kahli grooms him and keeps him in line! He is so easy, calm and tolerant. I couldn’t have asked for a more balanced dog. He is amazing and I love kissing his face! I think he likes it too.”


Age: 6-years
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

His new mom, Alayna, writes, “The photographed included is Ralph graduating from his dog training class. He can now sit, lay down, stay, shake, high five and do many more tricks. He is perfect for our family and I am so glad that we were able to rescue him and give him the home he needs.”


Age: 4-year
Breed: Mini Lop

Her new mom, Kristy, writes, “My three youngest kids and I drove to the shelter all the way from Santa Fe, New Mexico to adopt Abby. I had wanted a house rabbit for some time, and she turned out to be just the one! She is curious, loves attention, tolerates our almost two-year-old, and runs and hops about the house at every chance. We are the luckiest house rabbit owners!”


Age: 3-years
Breed: Maine Coon

Her new mom, Janna, writes, “It took no time at all for us to fall in love with the black and white Maine Coon who had just arrived at the shelter. He looked at us with his wide eyes and cocked head and we were goners. We couldn’t believe this lovey, cuddly, playful cat would ever be given up! We scooped him up immediately. The Arizona Humane Society made sure he had all of his shots and even microchipped him so we would never lose him. We are so grateful for this little muppet! Thank you Arizona Humane Society for making us happy cat parents again!
Age: 1-year
Breed:American Pit Bull Terrier

Her new mom, Sandra writes, “Zoey has been a blessing into our lives. She’s a princess in our eyes. She loves her walks, especially in here pink leopard harness. She loves to meet new people. Her favorite thing is belly rubs in the morning and it is a requirement for her to get out of bed. Zoey loves to cuddle on the couch with her Dad. Most of all, she just wants to be with her human parents all the time.”
blind dogCoco
Age: 4-years
Breed: Australian Terrier

Her new mom, Meghann, writes, “Coco loves belly rubs, sitting out in the sunshine and snuggling on the couch with me and my other dog, Nuggett. She is so adaptable and does not let being blind hold her back from anything. I am so happy she is in my life and grateful to the Arizona Humane Society for working so hard to heal her so that she could find her forever home. I’ve been supporting the Arizona Humane Society for 15 years and will proudly continue to do so.”
20160319_0957401 (1)Charlotte
Age: 3-years
Breed: Basset Hound

Her new dad, Robert writes, “After searching for sometime and looking for a soul to rescue, I came across Charlotte, formally Maple, on AHS’s website. She had the cutest and saddest face I had ever seen. When I met Charlotte, I knew that it was meant to be. She came to live with her two new four-legged brothers and the rest of the family, changing the dynamic forever. Full of energy, playful and loving, she is a welcome addition to our family and we couldn’t be happier. “


img_0247 (2)Toby
Age: 5-months
Breed: kitten

His new mom, Sylvia, writes, “Toby has become a wonderful member of our family. Rambunctious, adorable, and loving. He keeps our Helio on his toes and they’ve become great companions. He follows Dennis around and cries when he leaves for work. We’re so grateful for the companionship, love and joy he brings to us every day, thank you Arizona Humane Society for making this sweet addition to our family possible.”


Age: 8-years
Breed: Whippet mix

His new mom, Sarah writes, “I adopted Mocha eight years ago when he was just a 6 month old puppy. He was shy and quiet when I first got him, I thought he was mute. It turns out, he can and does bark, growl and play. Playing fetch is his favorite thing. He’s such a sweet dog I can’t imagine life with out him. We’ve moved from Tempe, AZ to CA, NY, back to CA and now live in New Mexico. As long as we’re together we’re home.”


Age: 3-years
Breed: Boxer

His new mom, Laura, writes, “Rusty’s first night home he laid on top of my husband all night to sleep – not next to, literally on top. He also would not let my husband out of his sight. He’s calmed from those initial weeks. He now keeps his older sister in tip top shape, he’s a favorite at doggie day camp and is teaching his younger sister that we rescued just a few weeks ago how to play. He has also earned the name of Rusty, the destroyer of all things that squeak. Thank you for taking Rusty in and giving him the care he needed.”


Age: 3-years
Breed: Catahoula mix

Her new mom, Mindy, writes, “Today, Paisley and Josie are inseparable. Paisley doesn’t quite understand that she’s not a Great Dane, or why the big dogs at the park look at her funny when she charges into the clan every weekend! We are so grateful to have Paisley in our lives and AHS deserves the credit for connecting us!”


car_ride (1)Pugsley
Age: 8-years
Breed: Chug

His new mom, Angela, writes, “Pugsley and I are doing well! He fit right into his new home and has taken over as man of the house! He doesn’t really like toys, as he is a mature doggy, but he sure does love foraging games. When I adopted him, he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia but with lots of walks and learning to do stairs, the vet says he is doing much better and he just needed exercise. He loves going to the dog park, but only to explore. Dogs aren’t really his thing so it works out perfectly that it’s just us! Our happy family of two! I couldn’t have asked for a better fit! Thank you AHS!”


Age: 1-years
Breed: Pit Bull/ Lab mix

His new mom, Denny writes: “Rudolf and his two brothers went up for adoption on December 2nd and that was when we adopted him. Since our other three babies favored their mama, Rudy was going to be daddy’s boy. He’s grown up to be quite the handsome character with those green eyes. We will certainly adopt more Pittie pups in the future.”


image.jpeg14Harley Quinn
Age: 4-years
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

Her new mom, Amy, writes: “We adopted Harley Quinn, formerly known as Catarina, after months of searching for the perfect addition to our growing family. The day she came home, she knew she was home. She just wants to play, cuddle and give big puppy kisses! Harley is so gentle with our 21-month-old and 6-year-old boys. We were a little nervous on how she would handle our three cats since she was already 4 years old, but turns out, she loves them! She is happy to have more furry friends to play with! We couldn’t be happier with our little princess!”


Adopt a RabbitGinger
Breed: Rabbit

Her new mom, Mary writes: “Ginger has stolen everyone’s hearts, including the dog and cat (who passed away at the age of 18 in 2014). She has the entire upstairs and still runs around, binkies and steals treats from the top of the dresser. The picture I included is her Sunday morning cuddles. She jumps on the bed and won’t leave until she gets a treat and head pats.Thank you so very much for allowing me to bring Ginger home. She is an amazing member of the family and is loved so very much.”


20160225_023737 (1)Rocky
Breed: Chihuahua mix

His new dad, Rodney, writes: “I drive a truck for a living and I got tired of being alone on the road. This brought me to the Arizona Humane Society. At the first sight of Rocky, I knew I wanted him as a companion to keep me company while on the road. He isn’t quite potty trained yet, but he’s so adorable and lovable. I wouldn’t give him up for anything in the world and everybody thinks the world of him too. He is so cute!”
long hair chihuahuaShadow
Age: 2-years
Breed: Chihuahua mix

Her new dad, Bev, writes: “The day we went to look at Shadow, formerly Lilly, she sat in my husbands lap and went to sleep in peacefulness contentment.She has been such a joy to our lives since day one. She likes to play with toys and loves her treat out of a Kong. Once she is done with the treat, she plays with the Kong by tossing it in the air and rolling it around the floor. “


batya_and_brady (1)Bayta and Brady
Breed: Calico

Their new mom, Bridget writes: “After a couple of days, they became best friends. They take turns cuddling and playing with me so I have their company also. These two cats are the best thing that happened to me. When I come home from work they both greet me at the door. I just hope that I can give them as much love as they give me. Thank you for giving me my fur babies.”


irish terrierHappy
Age: 8-months
Breed: Irish Terrier mix

His new dad, Sriram, writes: “He was in the first kennel to our left, looking at us with those puppy eyes of his. At that moment, my wife fell in love with Abel and she immediately decided he was going to be a part of our family forever, while I was still thinking whether or not we should adopt a puppy. Well, I can’t argue with the wife. That was the day, my sadness got replaced by happiness. We decided to name him Happy. My wife lets him sleep in her lap, pets him and play with him – while I’m the one cleaning up after him 3 times a day.


img_4109 (1)Toby
Age: 9-months
Breed: German Shepherd and Lab mix

His new family, the Prince family, write: “We certainly picked the right dog for our family as Toby is energetic, athletic, and very unique. He gets so much attention, love, and toys and we couldn’t be happier with our crazy man. We can’t wait for many years to come with Toby and are so happy that he picked us to be his new family.”


kitten adoptionJazzy

Her new dad, Bob writes:As you can see from this picture, it was love at first site for Jazzy and Rocko. They spend quality time together each day and Rocko, being the good big brother, puts up with her “attacking” his tail and legs. She is exactly what we wanted and needed after we lost three out of our four pets in a relatively short period.”


willie_and_lilly_42016 (1)Willie and Lilly
Age: 10-years and 4-years
Breed: Standard Poodles

Their new mom, Julie, writes: “Who says you cant adopt beautiful purebred dogs from a shelter. Willie is now a therapy dog a Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Lilly is my neighbors devoted and much loved family pet. Willie and Lilly meet up for yappy hour and play in the park by our home. Thank you Arizona Humane Society for taking care of our homeless Poodles until they made their way to become permanent parts of our family.


Zeppelinpit bull adoption
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

His new mom, Renee writes: “Zeppelin has been a blessing. He is the silliest dog. He gets along with our other dog, which was important to us. My hesitation about Pit Bulls was unfounded. I have never met such a “pleaser” breed in my life. He has turned out to be a Mama’s boy. We love him so much. He is so spoiled! I think the the old saying goes “there are no bad dogs, just bad owners” and I now truly believe that.”



Charlie and Leinie
Age: 7-years and 2-years
Breed: Yellow Lab and Great Pyrenees/Shepherd

Their new mom, Caitlyn, writes: “We adopted Charlie (Yellow Lab) in September of 2015 and Leinie in April of 2016 in hopes of giving Charlie a companion while we were at work. These two hit if off right away and love each other like brothers. They’re both such well behaved dogs and have brought nothing be good times and love into our home.”


Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

Her new mom, Madison writes: “I adopted my dog Kiya two months ago and I can honestly say I may have needed her more than she needed me. Making the decision to adopt a dog who needed me, as opposed to getting a puppy, was one of the greatest choices I have ever made. If you ever have the chance for a new household dog, I highly consider adopting. It means more to both sides than you could ever imagine.”


Johnsonimage.jpeg20 (1)
Age: 2-years
Breed: Cavalier King Charles spaniel mix

His new parents, Diana and Jose, write: “He has been the most wonderful addition to our home, blossoming more and more each day. Johnny, as we call him, has brought so much joy into our home and has given us more smiles than we could’ve ever anticipated in the short time he’s been a Garcia. We look forward to all the adventures and kisses we get to share with him. Thank you AHS for introducing us to our baby doggy, Johnny.”


Yogie image.jpeg21 (1)
Age: 6-months
Breed: Chihuahua and Dachshund Mix

His new mom, Anastacio writes: “I went to the Arizona Humane Society’s Sunnyslope Campus and I knew exactly what dog I wanted to get. I asked where Yogie was at and they asked me if I wanted to go into a room to meet him and see his reaction. He is very playful. I am so glad that I adopted Yogie at the Arizona Humane Society.”



Age: 1-years
Breed: German Shepherd

Her new parents, Steve and Gail, write: “The morning of Sunday, February 7, 2016, our lives changed forever. A bright and shining angel entered our hearts and we knew we wanted her after having met her. Our other Shepherd took to her just like we did and we knew they would become best buddies forever. Zena is a welcomed member of our family!”


Age: 4-years
Breed: Dogo Argentino

Her new mom, Ruth writes: “Lilly was abused all of her life, living in a cage taking care of her puppies, but no one took care of her. She finally had someone who wanted to take care of her and all we wanted was her happiness and trust. Lilly has come a long way and I can’t imagine our life without her in it.”


Age: 4-years
Breed: Australian Shepherd

His new mom, Faye writes:Mel is also on his way to be a formidable flyball dog and we both enjoy being involved in the sport. He has earned all three of his Canine Good Citizen titles and thrives on trick training. We are hoping to become a therapy dog team soon and continue to experience life to the fullest. I’m so glad I was able to find the perfect adventure buddy at the Arizona Humane Society.”


12716174_10153367010478202_8870766171081543737_o (1)Captain Jack Sparrow
Age: 3-months
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer/Chihuahua mix

His new mom, Alice writes:I went to his foster mom’s house to meet him and his siblings. Captain ran right up to me and would only leave my side to play with his siblings. He kept coming back to give me kisses and jump to sit in my lap. I knew right then that not only had I picked him, but he had also picked me. To this day, he needs to play with his toys in my lap and he is the best puppy I have ever had.”


Age: 7-months
Breed: Labrador Retriever mix

Her new mom, Jessica writes: “She loves to run and swim. People flock to her every time we take her out. We made the best decision when we went to the AHS instead of a breeder. The Arizona Humane Society’s Sunnyslope Campus was amazing and now my puppy Cali has her fur-ever home!


adopted pit bullCocoa
Age: 2-years
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

Her new mom, Stephanie writes: “Our Cocoa baby loves to play fetch, play in the water, and snuggle. She especially likes when we tuck her in at night. I love that she sits and watches me get ready in the morning, it’s as though she’s watching over me. It melts my heart at how excited she gets when we get home. We are so blessed to have this loving, smart, and energetic furry baby in our lives.”

Age: 4-years
Breed: Brown Tabbysparrow

Her new mom, Charlotte writes: “Sparrow has been a member of the family for almost two months now. She is very much a lap cat. She is happy and healthy, and even knows how to play fetch! While she is not 100% keen on my other cat, the two of them are getting along very well.Thank you Arizona Humane Society for letting my partner and me bring Sparrow into our lives!”


ginger adoption

Age: 5-months
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer mix

His new mom, Marcy writes: “Ginger has brought so much love to not just our human family but to all of our pets (cats included). We don’t know what we would do without him. Thank you!”


Age: 5-months
Breed: Sharpei miximage.jpeg12 (1)

Her new mom, Sarah writes: “When I first held  her, she looked up at me and I asked “Do you want to go home with me?” She then reached up and kissed my face. It was done. I was taking her. That moment I sat holding her, I felt better than I had in weeks. She was only 9-weeks-old when I got her. Now, she’s 5 months and getting big! I’m kind of sad I won’t be able to pick her up soon! She’s incredibly playful and loves to give kisses!”


Age: 1-year
Breed: Terrier/Poodle mix

Her new mom, Christina writes: “Teddy had a rough nine months of life. He had been living on the streets and barely survived Parvo. He looked very sick and very sad. I wanted to share all of the love I had to make his life  better. I took him in and changed his name to Kisses. Snuggles and Kisses are two of the happiest, most loving pups and they bring so much joy to my life. Little did I know, by saving them, they saved me.”


Age: 8-months
Breed: Irish Terrier mix

Her new mom, Valerie writes: “She has quickly become the love of my life and a great consolation to the loss I feel for my Heeler, Journee. I have friends who have lost a loved animal and swear they will never have another one because of the great sadness of losing their pet. I can understand those feelings, but when I consider all the poor lost animals that need a forever home, I can’t turn away from thinking of them first. Thank you for rescuing my new friend, Pixie so that I can share my life and my home with her.”


Age: 6-months
Breed: Chihuahua mix

His new mom, Nicole writes: “Captain is the best first dog for my 11-year-old son! He is full of energy and is so much fun, but also the sweetest, most snuggliest little guy. The moment he picked my son at the shelter to be his was the start of a friendship that will never be broken. They are amazing together. It seems like we have had him in our family for years and not just a few short months. Such a blessing he is!”


Holly Holmholly
Age: 14-weeks
Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Her new mom, Robin writes: “We visited 3 different locations until we found Mona Lisa (renamed Holly Holm). She fits right into our home with her fiesty and playful personality. I am grateful for everything the Arizona Humane Society does to re-home and care for  animals. I love my Holly!”

springer spanielMateo
Age: 5-months
Breed: Springer Spaniel Mix

His new mom, Sharon writes: “He is the perfect little traveler. I have had several parties and he was slightly shy at first, but quickly became friendly, almost too friendly, with everyone while trying to crawl into their laps. He is a great dog. I am so happy he chose me.”
Age: 5-months
Breed: Shiba Inu

His new mom, Pebbles writes: “Peanut is such a good boy! He seems genuinely happy. He hasn’t gone potty inside of the house. He seems to be pretty much house trained as far as that goes. He knows how to play catch and enjoys lots of cuddles!”


gabbyGabby and Babette
Age: 6-months
Breed: Main Coon

Their new mom, Windy writes: “We love them so much. They are doing really good and getting so big already! Believe it or not, they still suckle sometimes, but are getting better at not doing it all the time.Thank you so much for letting us take them home .“


Age: 7-years
Breed: Tortie

Her new mom, Kelly writes: “I cannot express how much we love her and have  enjoyed her company for the past 7 years. She has a tiger-size  personality, sense of humor, and could still “play all day,” which is  how she was advertised way back in 2008. She is happy, healthy, and  so, so loved by all who know her. “


enoch follow up

Age: 1-years
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

His new mom, Richelle writes: “We are the lucky ones! This guy (now named Tux) has been the perfect addition to our family! He enjoys daily walks and car rides, snoozing belly-up in the sun in our backyard, and playing with all his new toys. Our kids adore him and he’s full of love for us all! We thoroughly enjoyed seeing a couple of the volunteers who knew Tux (Enoch) at the Dog Day in the Garden! Thank you for bringing this wonderful guy to us!“



Scooter and Daisy
Age: 1-years
Breed: Chihuahuas

Their new mom, Carolyn writes: “ Scooter and Daisy came as a pair and still are usually glued together in all that they do. Scooter is like a teenager and Daisy is his tag along.  Luckily both got along with our other two rescue dogs and my husband, although apprehensive he loves them all as much as I do. Thank you for all that you do, AZ Humane Society!“



Age: 4-years
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

His new mom, Bev writes: Snoopy has settled right in. He is playing well with Kali off leash! He loves his new home! George is a runner and Snoopy LOVES to run with his Daddy! We wanted to tell everyone at the Arizona Humane Society that you are very special people to care so much! We feel very blessed to have the fortune to be able to adopt Snoopy. “




Age: 8-months
Breed: Maine Coon

Her new mom, Karolina writes: “Tufts is happy, energetic, and cuddly. He has also started eating everything and got up to a normal weight – which is a complete 180 from when we first got him. He knew he was part of our family for good when we showed him the Shutterfly stocking we got him (that’s his tail photobombing the picture!). Thank you for all that you do AHS, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt Tufts. “




Age: 2-years

Breed: Pointer/Pit Bull mix

Her new mom, Melissa writes: “I knew the moment I locked eyes with her that she’s the one that’s been calling me. She has come out of her shell so much and it breaks my heart to think about her prior life. She is now spoiled and receives so much attention from my boyfriend and me. She has filled that empty feeling I’ve had that no human can fill.”



Rosie May
Age: 8-months
Breed: Tortie

Her new parents, Elaine and Dan write: ” Rosie joined 10-year-old Nicky and 6-year-old Cinnamon (both also adopted from AHS). The older girls were starting to slow down a bit, but no longer! These three rock! Rosie weighed four pounds at adoption, thin, and obviously came from a difficult situation. Everyone “plays well together” and we are so thrilled to have her unique personality on board. She is such a sweet, playful, happy cat! You can really sense her gratitude to have such cool playmates. Nicky washes her face and ears and Cinnamon likes to chase and play, all in a good way. Rosie has gained over a pound and is such a cutie! She is loved!”


Russell russell-e1449597477356-290x300
Age: 8-months
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

His new mom, Katherine writes: “This little guy has stolen our hearts.  Adopting him has to be one of the best days of my life; holding him in my arms, knowing I was a new pup-mom for the first time. He has brought so much joy to my small family. Watching him grow up and experience new things is the cutest (well except for my flip flops he destroyed). I am so glad we decided to make that drive and find our newest family member. I cannot imagine my life without him.”


Age: 2-year
Breed: Poodle Mix

Her new mom, Sharon writes: “She has the best manners and I feel like I have hit the lottery with this sweet little dog. She is energetic, learning new tricks and enjoys her neighborhood walks. I met with a friend for coffee at a dog friendly restaurant and LuLu likes other dogs as well. So another adoption may be in order so that LuLu has a buddy. I was very impressed with AHS and the wonderful volunteers there. I am absolutely crazy about this wonderful little dog and plan on spoiling her rotten!”



Age: 1-year
Breed: Ferret

His new mom, Ella writes: “When I saw him he was all skin and bones, but it was still love at first sight. Now, he is huge and happy. He was shy and didn’t play much the first couple of days due to his trauma, but now he rules the house. He has a beautiful cage, plenty of toys, and has free roam of my ferret proof house. He recently got a little sister to play with too! I am blessed to have him.



Age: 10-months
Breed: Alaskan Husky

His new mom, kim writes: “We fell in love, we found our new family member, “Max”. He had very little training before we adopted him but he is extremely smart. He has made HUGE progress and still has a ways to go. I LOVE this dog and would do it all over again.Adopting a dog is a huge responsibility so be sure you are ready to make that commitment.




Age: 6 -years
Breed: Siberian Husky Mix

His new mom, Lisa writes: “When we came across Mocha, she had these amazing eyes, a heart of gold and was as sweet as can be. We knew she belonged with us! It’s been over 5 years and she has blossomed into a beautiful butterfly! She enjoys cuddling, going on walks, hiking, playing with her friends at the dog park and so much more! Without a doubt, best decision we ever made! We can’t imagine life without her!” 




Age: 2 -years
Breed: Silky Terrier Mix

His new mom, Paula writes: “She is a true blessing. We believe she was sent to us by our angel, Josie, who had recently passed from heart failure. They are very similar in many ways. This is a true love story. She’s the perfect fit for us and is very happy here.” 





Age: 4-years
Breed: Lab/ German Shepherd

His new dad, Luis writes: “We’re so happy we found him when we did. He was a bit shy and timid at first, but we fell in love immediately and adopted him on the spot. Diesel is an amazing addition to our family! It has been over three years since we adopted him and during this time, he has grown and matured into an amazing dog! He loves his daily walks, running with his mommy and chewing tons of bones. He loves to play with his daddy by running around the house, fetching toys or trying to find a toy that his daddy will hide. We consider him our son and he goes wherever we go.



Coopercooper-300x225Age: 6-months
Breed: Orange Tabby

His new mom, Connie writes: “Cooper is doing great. I fell in love with him right away. He loves his new house. He has many toys to play with. His favorite is a fish toy he carries around with him. He is best friends with my other cat, Hunter. They do everything together. Cooper is also very sweet and loves to cuddle. He purrs very loud. He is a perfect little kitty and a perfect fit for my family. Thank you to everyone at the Arizona Humane Society for all you did for Cooper.



Age: 4-years
Breed: Chihuahua

Her new mom, Cathy writes: “I originally fostered Suzie and her two puppies until the puppies were old enough to go up for adoption. When it was time for them to go back to the shelter, the puppies were adopted right away. Suzie however, due to fearfulness, was at the shelter for a month before being adopted. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out with her new family and she was returned a week later. At that point I knew she belonged with me. She has such a cute personality and I just love her more than I ever thought I could love a chihuahua!




Age: 4-years
Breed: Chihuahua

His new mom, Annie write: “I’m so unbelievably in love with Clifford. He’s like my son and I will be sure to always adopt from here on out. Don’t pass up on an animal because of their behavior or what’s written on the paper. The animal can surprise you and become your best friend.”




Age: 1-years
Breed: Russian Blue

His new family, the Mackows, write: “We adopted 8-month-old Grayson, now Purrogi, as an additional fur-family member to keep our 2-year-old Aussie company during the day. For the first month or so, he found hiding spots around the house and would hiss if the dog came near him. Then one morning, we awoke to find them playing. They have been an inseparable pair since! He is continuing to grow to have the kindest, sweetest, most gentle and hilarious little personality. We couldn’t imagine not having him in our fur-family! He fits perfectly into our little family.”



Age: 10-years
Breed: Chihuahua

Her new owner Nikki writes: “We saw Minky on the Pet Telethon last year and we fell in love with her right away. Her story of being an older dog melted my heart.  She came home with us and has been the best addition to our home. She loves to torment her sister but you can see the love they have for each other. Everyone was so pleased that she got her forever home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, we love the Arizona Humane Society.”




Age: 3-years

Breed: Border Collie/ Lab Mix

Her new owner Farryl writes: “Bella joined our family 2.5 years ago and she has brought so much joy and happiness to us since. Our “doggie daughter” has moved with us to Vermont where she is kicking up her heels with my 2 boys on 3 acres of country-side. She enjoys going for long walks, chasing squirrels, eating snow, doggie play dates and watching soccer games. Every morning she is so glad to see us that her tail starts spinning around like a propeller, we call her “Belli-Propelli” when that happens. As our boys always say, ‘Bella is the best dog ever.'”



Age: 6-months
Breed: Brown Tabby

Her new owner Natalie writes: “It only took our family one second to decide Tippy was the one for us. She was cuddly and playful and despite difficulties walking on her back leg, we fell in love immediately.  She now has a mom, dad, three doggie brothers, one kitty sister, a human brother and a human sister. She loves to run around, play with the other animals and demand scratches from her humans. With her adorable face and special limp, she fits right in our rescue family perfectly.”



Age: 9-months
Breed: Orange Tabby

His new owner  Sladjana writes: “Raja completely changed my life. . He keeps me entertained all day long, but most of all, he makes me feel super loved. During the day he is all energy, but during the night he is all cuddles.  Adopting Raja was the best decision I have made since moving to Arizona. I can not imagine my life without him. He is my child, my best friend and my source of happiness. I love my baby so much!”



Age: 1-yearandy-300x225
Breed: Dogo Argentino

His new owners, Frank and Linda write: “As you can see from Bubba’s pictures, he has settled in nicely to his ‘first’ home. I am calling this his first home because I don’t think he’s ever had one. He loves his big backyard and an occasional dip in the pond. He has had his first big shopping trip to PetSmart and of course he was given anything he wanted. He so deserves it! He stole our hearts immediately! If you can believe it- he SMILES! Thank you AHS for giving us the chance to adopt this little angel!”




Age: 8-years
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

His new owner Kathy writes: “He is the most laid-back dog we have ever met. He is a fantastic snuggler and is such a happy boy! He is always wagging his tail and he loves to lick our faces. He gets so excited in the morning to see us that he “talks” (a cross between a burr and a growl with his cheeks all puffed out) and will sometimes grab a shoe and strut around with it, wagging his tail the whole time. He fits into our home and family so well and we are so in love with him.”


Age: 6-months
Breed: Brown Tabby

Her new owner Stephanie writes: “She loves her crinkle tunnels, cat tree, scratching post and many, many toys. At night she snuggles with me in my bed. She is very bright, has learned her name and will “sit” on command for a treat. She enjoys her harness and leash walks outside to explore rocks, twigs, grass, and watch hummingbirds zip past us. I have truly enjoyed every single moment since I adopted Jemma.