May you and your pet become a great success story. Like these.


img_4748_2Redd- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 2- years
Breed: Pit bull terrier mix
Redd’s  Story:  His owner didn’t have time to train and exercise a dog.
Her owner Scott writes:

Kane is a pit bull and all the neighbors and people he meets are surprised at how friendly he is. He plays with the cat and likes to sleep near him. Our neighbors love to have him visit and introduce their kids to him. His favorite thing to do is chase the sprinkler on a hot day.”




stella2Stella- Adopted from Sunnyslope

Age: 11- weeks
Breed: Chihuahua/Pug
Stella’s Story:  Stella and her siblings were part of an unwanted litter.

His owner Susan writes:
Stella brings the missing element to our family. So sweet, and funny! She weighs 3 pounds and carries a stuffed giraffe five times her size around the yard and plays with leaves. She brings pure sunshine to our family and we couldn’t think for a moment to be without her!




A477656.002.DJoey- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 1- year
Breed: Siberian husky mix
Joey’s  Story:  She was a little too energetic and active and her previous owner wasn’t able to keep up with her or train her.
Her owner Darcy writes:

Joey has adjusted to our family very well. She loves the pool and big backyard and enjoys walks. She is so sweet and loving and playful and cheers me up like nothing else! I would never get a pure breed from a breeder, my dogs always come from the humane society, and they are so grateful and good natured mixes. They have rescued me too!


10363989_1415164212098752_3482552949209127154_nPino (Gracie)- Adopted from the Petique Retail and Adoption Center

Age: 2  Years
Breed: Russian Blue
Pino’s Story:  She endured a week without food or water after being abandoned by her owner.
Her owner Kris writes:

“Pino (Gracie) is such a fun and lovable cat! She makes me so happy and I’m glad we found each other. I think she knows I rescued her because she loves me the most and I’m the only one who gets “love bites”! She was very skinny when I first got her, now she’s at a healthy normal weight. Her favorite toy is a yellow golf ball that rattles and has a white feather attached. Pino certainly found her furr-ever home with me!


image63Maddie- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 4- months
Breed: Chihuahua mix
Maddie’s  Story:  Her owner lost their job and wasn’t able to afford to care for a young puppy.
Her owner Irma writes:

Charley and she is the sweetest little addition to our family ! She has already won the hearts of our entire family. She is the smartest little girl we could have ever dreamed of finding! Here she is napping after a long game of fetch in teh yard. Thanks to the AZ Humane Society and there tireless efforts of bringing in and lovingly caring for all these lost little dogs we now have a new family member!”



heaps.kodaKoda- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 5- years
Breed: Australian shepherd mix
Koda’s  Story:  His owner was moving and didn’t think it would be fair to keep him in a small apartment.
His owner Lezlee writes:

“It’s been almost a year since I brought my boy home. Koda inspires me to be active! We go on sunrise hikes, camp, play in the sprinklers at the park on hot summer mornings, and I love watching him explore the world. He is the sweetest dog ever!”




10405793_799089460102453_955468258_nJax- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 5- years
Breed: Orange and white tabby
Jax’s  Story:  His owner was moving and couldn’t take Jax along for the long trip across country. Jax waited at AHS for over a month before he was adopted.
His owner Denise writes:

Jax took to me the minute we met through the window and once we could meet each other, he jumped in my lap and I knew he was mine. Jax loves to lay on dresser top, coffee table & end table. He opens cabinet doors with his paw and sleeps with me at night.



20140504_110616Diggory- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 1- year
Breed: Labrador/ Dachshund
Diggory’s  Story:  He was abandoned by his owner and rescued by Emergency Animal Medical Technicians after going four days without proper care.
His owner Katie writes:

“Diggory was a sweet, shy 10 month old pup and he deserved a forever home where he would be loved and cared for. The transition was easy for both of us and we quickly bonded. He went from being a shy puppy with an unstable life to being spoiled with love, affection and lots of toys! We celebrated his first birthday with a homemade doggie cupcake!



image47Sargent- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 6- months
Breed: Labrador mix
Deacon’s  Story:  He was part of an unwanted litter and was given up because they had too many pets.
His owner Jessica writes:

My daughter and I immediately fell in love when we saw Sargent sitting in his kennel. He brings us so much joy. We love him as if he were one of our children.




image48Deacon- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 9- months
Breed: German shepherd mix
Deacon’s  Story:  He was found as a stray.
His owner Steve writes:

We can’t imagine our home without Deacon, who has proven to be a sweet, smart and playful pooch. He came to us house trained, crate-ready and able to fetch, sit and stay. The South Mountain campus staff was extremely helpful in connecting us with this precious dog and integrating him seamlessly into our lives. While there was some concern about how he’d get along with other dogs, probably because of his experience as a stray, after easing him in Deacon has become the life of the party at our neighborhood dog park. He’s doing great and is loved. ”



image53Fuzz Lightyear- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 4-months
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Lightyear’s  Story:  He was found living under an abandoned car in an apartment complex.
His owner Nicole writes:

From the moment I brought him home I knew I’d made the right choice. He greets everyone as they walk in the door and loves lots of play time with plenty of cuddles and love in between. We both could not be happier!




image52Wes- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 3- years
Breed: Mastiff
Wes’  Story:  He was given up because his owner was moving out of state.
His owner Kyle writes:

Wes immediately blended right in to our family as if he has been with us since birth. He is loving, playful and happy.




candy_on_kitchen_counter_21314 (1)Candy- Adopted from Sunnyslope

Age: 2 Years
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Candy’s Story:  Found wandering the streets of Phoenix, Candy picked up by a Good Samaritan and brought to AHS.

His owner Sharon writes:
“The day I got her home, she jumped up in my lap, cuddled up and went to sleep with her back feet straight up in the air.  She jumps up on my chest every morning at 6:00 a.m., makes biscuits then gives me kitty kisses on the end of my nose. This is a picture of Candy patiently waiting on the kitchen counter for me to serve dinner. I absolutely adore her.”



photo6 (1)Hank- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 20-weeks
Breed: Chihuahua mix
Hank’s  Story:  He was given up because his owner couldn’t afford to care for a puppy.
His owner Jennifer writes:

“Hank (the blond pup) was warmly welcomed by our whole family and fellow pup, Brownie. Brownie is a pup we adopted almost two years ago and she is happy to have Hank as her puppy brother. Brownie has been teaching Hank how to play games like, “steal a sock when the humans aren’t looking.” Hank gets walked with Brownie and has been introduced to the neighbor kids. Hank is about 17 pounds but growing each day. He is a big hit in a little body. Hank even helped sell Girl Scout cookies. 



hendrix_2Hendrix- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 6-weeks
Breed: German shepherd mix
Hendrix’s  Story:  He was part of an unwanted litter of puppies who was dropped off at our shelter during puppy season.
His owner Brian writes:
When we saw Hendrix we knew we had found our new family member. Hendrix loves his rope and Kong toys. He has even learned to not play with the shoes. We are beyond grateful of the joy Hendrix is bringing into our lives.”




20140117_142030Sweet Pea- Adopted from Sunnyslope

Age: 14 Months
Breed: Cairn terrier mix
Sweet Pea’s Story:  Despite her adorable looks, it took this little pooch a few months to find the perfect home.

His owner Diane writes:
“More than one person has said she looks as cute and as a Disney Character. I love her to Death! She has changed my life completely and even in this very short period of time (1 month) many aspects of my health have improved. She is absolutely perfect at everything. The perfect fetcher, playmate, love muffin and friend!



img_5416 (1)Minina - Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 3 Years
Breed: Tuxedo cat
Minina’s  Story:  She was a former stray who ended up on someone’s front porch looking for a good meal and a home. The family already had too many pets and brought her to AHS so she could find a good home.
Her owner Sarah writes:

Diamond is the sweetest cat ever! Every morning when I wake up she’s cuddled up as close as she can be and then proceeds to lick my face until I get up out of bed. She’s a great cat, and the whole family loves her.



image40Simba - Adopted from Sunnyslope

Age: 2 Years
Breed: Chow mix
Simba’s Story:  Abandoned and left all alone with a badly injured leg, Simba was in bad shape when he was rescued by EAMTs. His leg had to be amputated but he made a full recovery.

His owner Jenn writes:

“He’s been amazing. We have two small kids and he protects them. He’s learned how to walk up the stairs, wants to go everywhere in the car with us and is finally settled in! We feel blessed to have this special dog and give him his forever home. “



TJ SmithT.J. - Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 1 Year
Breed: Pug/ Mastiff

His owner Brad writes:

TJ is spoiled rotten with love and attention, and makes friends wherever he goes. He is well behaved and only ever wants to play. Dogs, cats, kids, even rabbits – no matter, he just wants to play and be friends with everyone. Loves going to the dog park as much as going for the ride in the car. The only thing he loves more than chasing a laser is taking time to give back his boundless capacity for love, loyalty, and gratitude. ”




London- Adopted from the Sunnyslope

Age:  2 Years
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
His owner Greg writes:

“I renamed him London after strummer. He was a happy heart and looked to cute just sleeping in his kennel…So I asked to see him. He looked at me, meowed and the rolled on his back to be rubbed…It was love at first sight.”




Evan Jr

Evan Jr. - Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 3 Years
Breed: Guinea Pig
Evan’s Story:  The landlord in his family’s new home didn’t allow pets.
Her owner Amber writes:

My daughter looked at every single small animal but kept returning to Evan Jr. I do believe it was love at first sight. once Evan was in her lap we knew that those two belonged together. Now  Evan is a fat, happy, very vocal full-fledged member of the family. She gets fresh salads, timmy hay, and gets tons of affection. She has even learned to ring her bell for dinner. She has brought a lot of entertainment and we all love her very much.”



sophieSophie- Adopted from the Sunnyslope

Age:  10 Years
Breed: Golden retriever mix
Sophie’s Story:  Found on the streets as a young pup, Sophie was rescued just in time by AHS’ Emergency Animal Medical Technicians where she received a second chance at a good life.
Her owner Sharon writes:

“I took her into my arms and that was that..we’ve had her ever since. She was a perfect puppy, and has been a terrific companion for years now. She’s lying by my feet now…my sweet girl!”



StanleyStanley- Adopted from the Sunnyslope

Age:  4 months
Breed: Orange Tabby
Stanley’s Story:  Found on the I-17 freeway, this little kitty was rescued just in time by a Good Samaritan and brought to AHS. Weighing only a pound, he spent 8-weeks in a foster home until he was ready for adoption.
His owner Suzy writes:

“From day one he’s brought joy into my life, he is my companion and my love!! He is always there for me and loves to cuddle. I think pets that are adopted know they have been rescued and in turn they appreciate you even more! I think I needed him more than he needed me and am grateful for the opportunity!! Love my Sweet Stanley!”




Bentley Mc coyBentley- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 3 Months
Breed: Chihuahua/Shih Tzu
Bentley’s Story:  Given up because the owner had too many pets, Bentley was too young to go up for adoption when he arrived at AHS but after three weeks in a foster home he was ready to find a forever loving home.
His owner Marilyn writes:

Bentley loves his two sisters and runs the show. He definitely gives them a lot of attention. [both wanted, and unwanted!] He has sleep overs often at my daughter Amy’s house. She adores him!’ He is very spoiled and very smart. He only weighs about 6 pounds. A little bundle of love!!! 




Korra- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 4 Months
Breed: American Shorthair
Korra’s Story: Brought in with her brothers and sisters, Korra was part of an unwanted litter that was given up to AHS
Her owner Kelly writes:

We brought Korra home and she immediately fit in. In fact, Korra and Rocky, our blue-heeler, are virtually inseparable.  Thank you to the friendly staff at AHS! They helped us find the perfect new addition to our family!






Harley- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 12 Years
Breed: Golden retriever mix
His owner Crystal writes:

“Harley had a very rough start in life and was abused and mistreated. A new life, a new family and a forever home-now he is loved immensely.






Duke- Adopted from the Sunnyslope Adoption Center

Age: 9  Months
Breed: Mouse
Duke’s Story:  Duke was given up because his owner had too many pets to care for. He spent 165 days at the shelter before he finally found a forever home.
His new owner Zoana writes:

 “I’ve never had a mouse as a pet before. My aunt said that they are fun and funny. So we went online and saw cute Duke and felt like I wanted to give him a good home since he had been there for a long time. Since I adopted him he has been so sweet and funny. I fell in love with him at first touch. He will probably get tired of me holding and loving on him so much.



LincolnLincoln- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 14 weeks
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Lincoln’s Story:  Abandoned in an apartment complex without a mother, Lincoln and his five litter mates ended up at AHS  and were sent to a foster home to grow and gain weight. A few weeks later, they were ready to find a home.
His new owner Jamie writes:

“He immediately caught our eye with his high flying antics while his brothers and sisters tried to sleep peacefully. I knew I had to meet Lincoln in person because he was too cute and full of life and personality. He’s rambunctious, playful, curious, and very very sweet. He plays with everything and loves everyone. We couldn’t be happier with our new addition. He’s perfect for our family and will always have a wonderful life with us.”




raisinchelseaChelsea - Adopted from the Sunnyslope Adoption Center

Age: 1  Year
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Chelsea’s Story:  She arrived at AHS back in 1997.
Sixteen-years later her owner Terry followed up and wrote:

 “I adopted Chelsea back in January of 97. I think she adopted us that day! We brought her home to meet her Dalmatian sister, Raisin and they got along playing with each other. For 16 and a half years, Chelsea gave us a lot of joy and love.
Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 2 Years
Breed: Siamese
Punky’s Story:  She was one of many felines and her previous owner had too many cats to care for. Reluctantly, they had to surrender Punky, along with several other felines, to AHS to find new homes.
Her new owner Jen writes:

“Punky easily captured my heart.  Little did I know I adopted a cat that thinks she’s a dog. Punky plays fetch! She comes when she’s called and she loves car rides. She also thinks the dog is her best friend. Let’s just say….Nelly thinks differently. Punky is one of the best decisions I have ever made.




Seton Sebastian- Adopted from the Sunnyslope -Adoption Center

Age: 1  Year
Breed: Cocker spaniel
Seton’s Story:  Life on the streets is anything but easy for a young pup and he was found abandoned and alone in a local park. A Good Samaritan scooped him up and brought him to AHS. With adorable curls and a sweet personality, it didn’t take long for him to find a good home.
His new owner Heather writes:

 “I fell in love instantly and three days later he was in his forever home!



Sandler Romeo

Romeo- Adopted from the Sunnyslope Adoption Center

Age: 13  weeks
Breed: Domestic Longhair
Romeo’s Story:  Found underneath a parked car in the middle of July, this little kitty was suffering from heat exhaustion when he was rescued by Emergency Animal Medical Technicians. After recovering in the trauma center, he was ready to find a new home where he could live as a pampered indoor house cat.
His new owner Kayla writes:

 “I found Sandler on the website and traveled all the way from Queen Creek just to get him. We brought him home and quickly noticed he was definitely a Romeo -very handsome and lovey. At first our other cat didn’t want anything to do with him but now they cuddle and play all day. We love him so much and have bought him lots of toys and a cat tree. He snuggles with us all day and night.



dodgerDodger- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 1 Year
Breed: Pit bull terrier mix
Dodger’s Story:  A Good Samaritan found Dodger abandoned and without a friend in the world. After arriving at AHS, he was sent to a foster home to gain weight since he was so little.
His new owner Shannon writes:

“Dodger loves to play and always gets excited for an adventure. He loves hiking, running, going to the beach, car rides, playing with our cat, and making friends where ever he goes. He’s always happy and he never has a bad day. Dodger always knows how to put a smile on someone’s face. He loves to cuddle and get attention and has a big heart. He’s the first dog I have ever owned and adopting him was the best decision I ever made.”



RabbitsDomino and Echo- Adopted from the Petique Retail and Adoption Center

Age: 2  Years
Breed: Rex rabbits
Their Story:  Domino’s previous owner wasn’t able to afford to care for a rabbit and Echo was brought to the shelter because his owner didn’t have time for a pet.
Their new owner Rhonda writes:

“Domino and Echo love running around in the backyard in the morning for an hour or two. They have their own room that they share with the cockatiels and are never caged. They play in their condos, eat and chill. They bring such joy and laughter especially when they do their jumps and flips in the backyard and chase each other around.





Tommy- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 10 Months
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Tommy’s Story:  Tommy was abandoned by his owner one night and left in a box out front of the AHS admissions lobby.
His new owner Janet writes:

“When we first got Tommy it was apparent that he had a big personality. He was so cuddly, cute, and loved to curl up on my pillow at night. He likes to find dirty socks from the laundry basket and play with them in his water bowl, as well as, try to climb up into the refrigerator every time it is opened. He likes to lay in the sink and doesn’t mind if you happen to turn on the water and get him wet. He actually enjoys it! I have never had a cat that actually liked water! 



sashaSasha- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 5 Years
Breed: Dalmatian mix
Sasha’s Story:  She was one of five unwanted puppies and her and her siblings were surrendered to the shelter.
His new owner Isabel writes:

“She loves to run in the backyard and doesn’t mind playing with other dogs (but she still prefers to be an only child at home since she is spoiled rotten). She even likes to help me study for exams – she is one smart pup!  The best day of my life was when Sasha adopted me. I wake up every day with a smile and a kiss and I couldn’t be happier. “




DukeDuke- Adopted from the Sunnyslope Adoption Center

Age: 1  Year
Breed: German shepherd
Duke’s Story:  Duke was found as a stray, adopted and then returned due to his energy level. The second time was a charm and he now has a forever home!
His new owner Karen writes:

 “We  worked  diligently to train him and he’s an awesome dog who has quickly become a big part of our family. He’s smart and eager to please and we are now his people! He’s still full of energy but he’s learning how and when it’s appropriate and he is absolutely gentle and calm with our two young granddaughters. Thank you, AHS, for giving Duke two chances to find his forever home!”



Belle Nicole Gentile Apr 21Belle- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 1 Year
Breed: Chihuahua
Belle’s Story:  Her owner was moving out of state and couldn’t take Belle with them. She was very fearful when she first arrived at AHS but benefited from AHS’ Behavior Modification Program.
His new owner Nicole writes:

“Went to the Humane Society just to look around and found this baby! She’s come so far from her shy, anxious self in just a few months. We couldn’t be happier and I can’t imagine my life without her! “





Tripp Hollie Bowman Apr 24

Tripp- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 3 Months
Breed: Min. Pinscher mix
Tripp’s Story:  His owner wasn’t able to afford to care for a young puppy.
His new owner Hollie writes:

“Tripp loves to cuddle, he loves to make “forts/dens” out of the pillows and blankets on my bed, he loves games of chase, and he loves to “help” with laundry and school work. When Tripp decides to kiss you there is no stopping this persistent puppy. Within the first week after adopting Tripp he learned how to “sit” and “shake”. Coming home is my favorite part of the day because the second I open the kennel door Tripp makes the cutest excited noise and acts as if I have been gone for weeks. I love Tripp more than words can describe. “



MarleyMarley- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 6 Months
Breed: Shepherd mix
Marley’s Story:  The family’s landlord didn’t allow dogs and thus Marley was surrendered to AHS.
Her new owner Bryan writes:

“We take Marley everywhere with us, we even dressed her up as iron pup to the premiere of Ironman ! She naps with her favorite toy, fetches objects and people on command and is one smart cookie. She is a very happy puppy! “





Quigley- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 8 Months
Breed: Dachshund/Chihuahua
Quigley’s Story:  As a pup, he was given up because his owner didn’t have time or money to care for a young dog.
Her new owner Brigit writes:

“Quigley & I moved to Palm Springs, CA a couple months after his adoption. As a very dog-friendly town, he accompanies me almost everywhere. At the coffee shop he sits on an outdoor chair and the baristas bring what they call “his usual, double-tall cappuccino” (small water in a paper cup). He’s an absolute cuddlebug and he follows me around the house, often standing on his hind legs waving at me to give my hand a kiss. He looks forward to his daily mini-jog down our street with a tennis ball, and he loves racing up the garden walkway to try and beat me to the casita. He burps with the volume of a Rottweiler, drinks like a camel and hiccups all over the house afterward, and sleeps backwards, with his little bottom sticking out of the covers beside me and the rest of his body underneath. In other words, he’s perfectly Quigley and I love him.”



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEero- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 7 Years
Breed: Siamese
Eero’s Story: She was just a young kitty when she found himself on the streets of Phoenix without a place to call home. She eventually crossed paths with a kind animal lover who brought her to AHS to find a forever indoor home.
His new owner Christopher writes:

“While at the shelter we decided to take a look at the VERY last kitty we saw -a tiny kitten mostly white with the most beautiful blue eyes. She was happily playing with a couple balls in one of the plastic houses and we fell in love right away. She’s a wild and crazy member of our family and we love her very much. “


Gra-C & Kleo CalderKleo Calder- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 2 Years
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Kleo’s Story:  Kleo was found as a stray and rescued off the streets by a Good Samaritan who brought her to AHS.
Her new owner Kelly writes:

“I work from home and they both follow me about the house. She is fascinated with water but hates to be bathed, carries stuffed toys around the house and brings in golf balls from the backyard to play with. Every night when we go to bed she takes her sleeping position at the end of the bed and goes to sleep.”




eliseElise- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 8 Years
Breed: Wire terrier/ Sheep dog
Elise’s Story:  Elise was a stray who ended up at Maricopa County Animal Care & Control. MCACC was short on kennel space and through our New Hope program Elise was brought to AHS for adoption.
Her new owner Paula writes:

“Elsie has been the best dog ever! She is bonded to me and the cats. Elsie, Daisy and the cats are one happy family. I couldn’t imagine live without my calm, docile Elsie.”



bluBlu- Adopted from the Sunnyslope Adoption Center

Age: 3 Years
Breed: Queensland Heeler
Blu’s Story:  Queensland heelers are known to be active and Blu’s owner wasn’t able to dedicate time to playing and training a dog.
His new owner Lisa writes:

 “He lived 12 wonderful years and enjoyed a beautiful life protecting my kids and being a wonderful companion. He was loved by everyone that met him. I can say he is the best dog I have ever had!”



Jack- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

jackAge: 4 Years
Breed: Labrador/German shepherd mix
Jack’s Story: Surrendered because Jack was too active and his family didn’t have time to devote to training him.
His new owner Toni writes:

“I have many nieces and nephews all ages from new born to grown up and Jack  is great with all of them. He has adopted the new born as his own unless he is with his mommy, then he doesn’t worry. Jack is definitely the most polite dog I’ve ever had, I can’t believe how lucky I am to have him in my life.”



Gus- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

 4 Years
Breed: Guinea Pig
Gus’s Story: Surrendered to AHS because his owner had too many pets.
His new owner Elizabeth writes:

“Gus loves to get our attention by squeaking very loudly so we will come to play or pick him up to snuggle with us. We’ve had Gus a little over 2 years now and he is very special to our family!”




Coco- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

cocoAge: 1 Year
Breed: German shepherd/Pit bull terrier mix
Coco’s Story: Surrendered because the owner didn’t have time for a pet.
Her new owner Nicolette writes:

“Coco has been the greatest addition to our family ever! I fall in love with her more and more everyday. She is absolutly PERFECT. Each night I go to bed with her and tell her now much i love her and i know she feels the same.”




Bailey- Adopted from the Petique Retail and Adoption Center

bailey (1)Age: 8 Years
Breed: Beagle
Bailey’s Story: Life gets busy and Bailey’s previous owner didn’t have time for a dog anymore. After 8-years she was dropped off at AHS.
His new owner Linda writes:

“Our dog, Dumpsey, was very lonely after losing his canine buddy. We were looking for an older dog that could be a companion for him AND us! Our daughter saw Bailey on AHS’ Facebook page and we knew she would be a good fit for us. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn’t be happier.” 



Kali- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion


Age: 1 Year
Breed: Pit bull terrier mix
Kali’s Story: EAMT’s assisted Phoenix PD and rescued Kali from a domestic dispute.
His new owner Taylor writes:

“She loves playing ball and swimming in lakes, pools, and the occasional mud holes at the park! Anyone who says pit bulls are “dangerous” should really give them a chance…I have never owned a more loving/ cuddling breed. she has a very playful and hilarious personality! 




Oreo Cookie- Adopted from the Sunnyslope Adoption Center

little_one (1)

 1 Year
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Oreo’s Story: Wounded on the streets, Oreo was in desperate need of help and was rescued by Emergency Animal Medical Technicians. His injuries were treated in AHS’ Second Chance Animal Hospital.
His new owner Paul writes:

Oreo spends most of the day watching birds from a screened in porch. He loves cat treats, chasing bugs, cuddling under blankets at night and hanging out with his feline roommate Gatto. 




Cannon- Adopted from the Sunnyslope Adoption Center

adopt a shelter dog

Age: 3 Years
Breed: Bloodhound Mix
Cannon’s Story: Cannon came to AHS when his previous owner was forced to give him up after losing his home.
His new owner Meredith writes:

We spent some time with Cannon at the shelter and he was so sweet, instantly giving kisses to my 2-year-old daughter and wanting all the affection he could get! After spending about 20 minutes with him, he had already showed off his tricks of “sit” and “shake”, walked perfectly on his leash for both myself and my tiny 2-year-old, and passed the ultimate test of being completely calm when my 7-month-old was practicing his pterodactyl screech. Upon arriving at his new “forever home”, he was an instant fit. It was like he had been with our family forever. He plopped down in the middle of the family room rug, surrounded by my 3 children, and went to sleep while they loved on him. Cannon LOVES his daily walks, being groomed, going on car rides, and snuggling up with anyone who will let him!”



Snickers and Snuggles- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

adopt a shelter cat Age: 8 Months
Breed: Domestic Shorthair kittens
Snuggles and Snickers’ Story: Snickers and Snuggles were found as young strays and after arriving at AHS they were sent to a foster home to gain weight.
Their new owner Susan writes:

“They came into our home purring and haven’t stopped since. Even at our follow up medical appointment the vet had trouble hearing their heartbeats because of their purring motors. We are so very thankful to the person or family who fostered them while they were getting healthy and ready for adoption as you can tell they were loved! We are also thankful to the Humane Society for all they do for the countless animals in need of love and compassion. Snuggles and Sneakers are such a blessing to our family – they have changed our lives forever!!”



Maxx- Adopted from the Petique Retail and Adoption Center

dogs for adoptionAge: 2 Years
Breed: Terrier Mix
Maxx’s Story: Maxx was rescued off the streets by Emergency Animal Medical Technicians.

His new owner Katrina writes:

“Sometimes you don’t know what you need until you find it… Everyone who knows me can agree with the following statement “Maxx rescued me”. Maxx has a very strong personality to say the least. Loves to sleep (especially on my pillow) and loves to eat (mom cooks for him and his favorite is grilled chicken). In the last 8 months I have seen him become comfortable in his own paws and he is happy little fellow. Those “human eyes” are his best quality and he knows it (oh! He takes advantage of it when he wants something!)!
No one day goes by without me saying that adopting him was the best thing I have ever done!”


Sophie- Adopted from the Sunnyslope Adoption Center

rescue dogs for adoptionAge: 3 Years
Breed: Beagle
Sophie’s Story: Sophie was found wandering the streets of Phoenix by a Good Samaritan.
Her new owner Schaeley writes:

“We adopted sweet Sophie on a whim. She was the last one we looked at and we fell in love, how could you not when she followed us and sat so perfectly for us to pet her? She now lives on an acre where she is free to chase our chickens and she enjoys sharing her home with two cats who don’t mind her one bit. She is very spoiled and sleeps with us every night. She is well mannered, (she learned to sit!) and very quiet. We could not have asked for a better girl to keep us company and let us love her unconditionally.”



Bean- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

cats for adoptionAge: 6 Years
Breed: Domestic Longhair
Bean’s Story: Bean struggled to survive on the streets but was finally rescued by Emergency Animal Medical Technicians.
Her new owner Michele writes:

“I saw Bean six years ago on the humane society weekly television show Pets on Parade when she was just 2 months old. Bean is happy to have all of her new four-legged siblings. She still likes her alone time in the garage and for some reason she likes to cool off in the refrigerator when I open the refrigerator door.”


Princess- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

adopt a rescue dogAge: 10 Years
Breed: Boxer/ Mastiff  Mix
Princess’ Story: Princess was given up because her family lost their home.
Her new owner Mary writes:

“Princess is truly a gentle giant, weighing in at 107 pounds! She is happy. She is absolutely content. She loves her new family, her home and yard, exploring every nook and cranny. Best of all, she has a curious but respectful approach to our two very curious cats. I am so happy that I ended up at the Campus for Compassion that Saturday on a whim and met our “Princess”. We can’t imagine life without her and are grateful WE get to be her forever family.”



Pica- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Arizona Rescue CatsAge: 3 Years
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Pica’s  Story: Pica spent weeks on the streets struggling to care for not only herself but also her kittens until she finally crossed paths with a Good Samaritan who brought the cat family to AHS.
Her new owner Jennifer writes:

“When I adopted Pica from the Campus for Compassion shelter, she was a shy timid little girl who had been found on the streets with her litter.  Fast forward a year-now she rules the house! I can’t imagine life without her. She cuddles my feet at night and rushes to greet me when I get home from work. She even likes hanging out on the balcony and helping with my homework!”


Brody- Adopted from the Sunnyslope Adoption Center

Arizona rescue dogsAge: 4 Years
Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix
Brody’s Story: Brody was just a puppy when he wandered away from home and ended up at AHS. His owner never came to claim him and so he was put up for adoption.
His new owner Jeremiah writes:

“Shortly after returning from a four year commitment from the United States Marine Corps I decided to adopt a dog to call my friend. I could not of been more lucky than finding my best friend Brody. He is a huge part of our family, loves kids, and has gone everywhere with me for 3 years now. He loves the boat, camping and just about everything. Please give another shot at a happy life by adopting!”



Snoopy- Adopted from the Sunnyslope Adoption Center 

Arizona dog adoptionAge: 6 Years
Breed: Vizsla Mix
Snoopy’s Story: Snoopy was brought to AHS because the new landlord didn’t allow dogs.
His new owner Richard writes:

“We saw Snoopy featured on Pets on Parade and he was a perfect gentleman on camera. Even though Snoopy is 6-years-old he has lots of energy and loves his morning and afternoon walks! He’s gets along well with his new “cousins”.  All and all it has been a great experience and had to share his story. I know he waited a long time at the shelter but he has finally found his forever home!
Thank you Pets on Parade for all your hard work and helping find homes for these great animals.”


Sophie and Abbie- Adopted from the Sunnyslope Adoption Center

arizona Cat adoptionAge: 1 Year
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Sophie and Abbie’s Story: Arriving at the shelter as young  kittens, they were two of too many pets in the household.
Their new owner Margaret writes:

“I found Sophie and Abby through the buddy program at the Arizona Humane Society. And no, I couldn’t tell them apart at first, so Abby is in the pink collar and Sophie is in purple. Luckily they both liked their new collars and kept them on for a few days until I could tell them apart! They are friendly, affectionate and playful. They love company and quickly welcome all visitors to their home. However, nap time is just for sisters. We definitely recommend the buddy program to all of our friends.”


Sasha- Adopted from the Sunnyslope Adoption Center

adopt a dogAge: 3 Years
Breed:Pit bull Terrier Mix
Sasha’s Story: Sasha was adopted and returned three times. The fourth time was a charm!
Her new owner Serena writes:

“While volunteering with AHS as a foster I had many dogs and cats come in and out as needed. It was time to take back 3 puppies I’d had for a month and when they handed me the new foster list, “Sasha” was pointed out as being extremely sweet and listed as a SAFE alert due to kennel stress. She was quite popular around AHS-Sunnyslope after being adopted and returned THREE times! I met “Sasha” and fell in love with her unique nose and easy going nature. Two weeks into fostering her I couldn’t take it anymore; I went down and filled out her adoption paperwork. This Pittie is a great ambassador to the breed. She has stood by with countless foster dogs and cats and loves every minute of it. Since being adopted, she’s had the opportunity to travel a bit. Be it road trips to California, the dog beaches, the snow in Sedona, the lakes, and numerous hiking trails she now lives a life she loves. I think her favorite part however, is knowing she will always have a home no matter the obstacles life brings.”


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