May you and your pet become a great success story. Like these.



cam00567Baron- Adopted from the Sunnyslope

Age: 19-months
Breed: Pointer mix

His new owner Dirk writes:

“He enjoys daily bike rides to the dog park, morning walks in the park, going for rides in the truck, and camping in the mountains. He was brought in as a stray so I was a bit nervous about having him off leash but after much time and effort, is now perfectly fine. He has become the perfect companion and fur ever family member. Thank you for introducing us.”



photo 2Pushkee- Adopted from the  Campus for Compassion

Age: 8-years
Breed: Tortie Point
Her new owners Donna and Jeri write:

“We wanted to adopt a senior pet as a new sister to our 7 year old calico “Cat-a-Lina”. We saw “Push” on Pets on Parade and knew immediately she was to be part of our family. She’s a true love bug, sleeps under the covers, gives kisses, is very playful & active and is a purrfect fit to our family. She is a spoiled strictly indoor kitty who can go anyplace she so chooses, except the kitchen counters. Our other kitty “Cat-a-Lina” has already become friends with her. We are all completely in love and Pushkee WILL be with us forever!”



image70Fiona- Adopted from the Sunnyslope

Age: 10-years
Breed: Tabby cat

Her new owner Toni writes:

“I wanted an older kitty for my other 8 year old cat. After only a couple of minutes to meet and greet, I knew she would be mine. She is a wonderful plump kitty who “chirps” and paws at me for attention. She and my other chubby girl get along fine! So grateful for everything that the Humane Society does for homeless pets!”





Savannah- Adopted from the Sunnyslope

Age: 9-years
Breed: Sharpei/Lab

Her new owner Shannon writes:

“We have been together for 9 years now and going strong. She is the most amazing little person that I have ever met! She is super smart and is so full of love. Her soul runs deep and she loves life!  I love her with all of my being and am thankful each day that you provided us the opportunity to find one another.




layla3 (1)Layla- Adopted from the  Campus for Compassion

Age: 1-year
Breed: Basset hound mix
Her new owner Mike writes:

“Layla is a sweetheart who only wants to play (lots of energy), be loved and get belly rubs. She loves everyone who has visited me, adults, children. Took 5 days to be potty trained, is very smart and with every walk is getting better, although many days my health prevents this. Fortunate to have a fairly big back yard for AZ where throwing a squeaky ball suits her fine.”




nika_nikon_pics_031Oakley and Gracie- Adopted from the  Campus for Compassion

Age: 2-years
Breed: Boxer and Labrador mix
Their new owner Maria writes:

“Oakley and Gracie weren’t on the buddy system. We originally went to look at only Oakley but we fell in love with Gracie too and took them both. They like going for runs, bike rides and hikes. Oakley is our daughter’s constant companion, while Gracie is the family dog. There’s never a dull moment with these two.”




img_20140502_072642818Ozzie- Adopted from the  Campus for Compassion

Age: 5-years
Breed: Poodle
His new owner Stephanie writes:

“Ozzy has become the little prince of our family. We love seeing how well he has adjusted to losing a leg and we enjoy doing exercises with him to help him get stronger every day. He loves to cuddle with all of us and even play peek-a-boo with our 18 month old. He has also been great with my son who has OCD, the time they spend sitting and cuddling often calms my son down enough to be able to resume his activities. “




effieEffie- Adopted from the  Campus for Compassion

Age: 3-years
Breed: Welsh Corgi
Her new owner Terri writes:

We immediately fell in love with an adorable, outgoing, and very kissy Corgi. It was love at first sight – she jumped into my lap and gave me so many happy, sloppy doggy kisses – she was just grateful to have a furever home. Since then Effie has been enrolled her in agility and obedience, both in which she does very well in, and she even loves to sleep next to our cat.





20140614_195855Bambi- Adopted from the Sunnyslope

Age: 4-years
Breed: Chihuahua

Her new owner Tiernan writes:

“We were looking for a best friend for my 6 year old son. I knew the moment Bambi went straight to my son, who was sitting on the ground, and sat in his lap and licked his face….she was the ONE. She choose my son and he choose her…they have been best of friends.”





harleyHarley- Adopted from the  Campus for Compassion

Age: 4-years
Breed: Bull terrier

His new owner Terri writes:

“He is such a love and loves his 2 big sisters and his big brother. Harley is a great little boy and is very typical of the breed he is a little clown. We love him very much and will always have rescues in our home.





buddy_and_alex_at_parkBuddy- Adopted from the Sunnyslope

Age: 5-years
Breed: :Labrador mix

His new owner Cay writes:

“My son said, “When we hug Buddy, he hugs us back!” He is a wonderful, kind soul… the best $35 we have ever spent! We love Buddy and would recommend adopting from the AZ Humane Society to anyone!”





hrpupsMoxie and Brody- Adopted from the  Campus for Compassion

Age: 3-years
Breed: Australian shepherd mixes

Their new owner Becca writes:

“My daughter and I were out in the visitation run with these two pups and fell in love with their sweet and well behaved personalities Moxie and Brody were meant to be a part of our family. “





_dsc1911Houdini- Adopted from the Sunnyslope

Age: 4-Months
Breed: Tuxedo

His new owner Katherine writes:

“Adopting “Houdini” was the best decision ever. He’s so outgoing, friendly and social and even gets along with my puppy!”






10392384_269571666571727_7465768716472399349_n (1)
Adopted from the  Campus for Compassion

Age: 6-months
Breed: Tabby cat

His new owner Felicia writes:

“Link stood out because he immediately started playing in his kennel and showing off his outgoing personality. Now he is the love of our lives. He has so many toys and plays with them until we have to fish them out from under things. He is healthy and loves people.



20140817_161850Jackson- Adopted from the  Campus for Compassion

Age: 1-years
Breed: Toy Fox terrier mix

His bew owner Heather writes:

“Jackson gets tons of compliments on how adorable and well behaved he is. He’s a complete sweetheart and loves to cuddle, play with other dogs, run through the tall grass, and splash in water. When somebody walks through the door he’s the first one there to greet them with tail wags and kisses. If it’s cold at night he likes to go under the blankets and curl up next to you. He’s the funniest little dog and never fails to bring a smile to my face.”




Adopted from the  Campus for Compassion

Age: 2-years
Breed: American Bull dog mix

His new owner Veronica writes:

“Loki shares his home with two kids and two cats. He sleeps in a fluffy king size bed every night, is wonderful with the kids, loves water, and kisses the kitties whenever possible. He’s improved the quality of life of all of us and we love him unconditionally.”






katyKatie- Adopted from the  Campus for Compassion

Age: 4-years
Breed: Shih Tzu

Her new owner Kimberly writes:

“Katie is absolutely adorable! We love her more each day. She is our fifth Shih-Tzu, friendly, outgoing and spunky. I’m sure that spunkiness is why she survived and many thanks to the Arizona Humane Society for giving her a second chance. She has found her forever home and is living with Kolby, her rescued brother, five rescued cats and a foster bunny!”




maya1Maya- Adopted from the Sunnyslope

Age: 13-years
Breed: Domestic shorthair

Her new owner Janie writes:

“I adopted Maya 13 years ago during my senior year at ASU.  Maya used to fly back and forth to Chicago with me during school breaks and she now resides in the Windy City full-time. She adopted me and I’m very lucky to have her in my life. Thank you to AHS for taking care of my feline best friend until she picked her forever home!”





redRed- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 6-years
Breed: Siberian husky mix

His new owner Rebecca writes:

Red has been such an amazing companion throughout the years. Everyone who meets him comments how handsome and easy going he is. Best dog ever! He now has a little sister that we took in from the local dog park. They are good friends and she keeps him young.”




gizmoGizmo- Adopted from the Petique 

Age: 5-months
Breed: Maine Coone mix

His new owner Jackie writes:

Gizmo is great and follows me all over my house, sleeps on my desk while I work and is very loving and a real purring machine. He is starting to really get along with my dog and I can go away and come back and find them lying next to each other. He loves to play and is constantly running around and a blur of activity. He has some real admirers among all my friends. They all think he is the cutest. So glad I found him.”



rockyRocky- Adopted from the Sunnyslope

Age: 2-year
Breed: Border collie mix

His new owner Raja writes:

He has boundless energy, a quick mind and a deep need for security. It took lots of training to help him out of his shell. Fast forward 8 months ahead and we couldn’t be happier! Our routine not only helps him, but balances me (I’m quite a health nut now). And I would do anything and everything to give this guy the love he has taught me. Seeing his bright eyes and smile , his endless curiosity for new places and our unshakable bond has taught me more about our canine companions than any university class or textbook. We do everything together and I look forward to seeing his face every morning.”



sophieSophie- Adopted from the Waggin’ Wheels

Age: 13-weeks
Breed: Domestic shorthair

Her new owner Abby writes:

We attended the “Waggin’ Wheels” pet adoption launch at Fashion Square Mall with high hopes of coming home with a new furry friend. That was where we met Sophie. Our mom fell in love with her coat right away, and the kitty opened up to our family quickly. She was such a playful kitty and everyone in our family love her.”




img_4748_2Redd- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 2- years
Breed: Pit bull terrier mix

His new owner Scott writes:

Kane is a pit bull and all the neighbors and people he meets are surprised at how friendly he is. He plays with the cat and likes to sleep near him. Our neighbors love to have him visit and introduce their kids to him. His favorite thing to do is chase the sprinkler on a hot day.”




10363989_1415164212098752_3482552949209127154_nPino (Gracie)- Adopted from the Petique Retail and Adoption Center

Age: 2  Years
Breed: Russian Blue

Her new owner Kris writes:

“Pino (Gracie) is such a fun and lovable cat! She makes me so happy and I’m glad we found each other. I think she knows I rescued her because she loves me the most and I’m the only one who gets “love bites”! She was very skinny when I first got her, now she’s at a healthy normal weight. Her favorite toy is a yellow golf ball that rattles and has a white feather attached. Pino certainly found her furr-ever home with me!





teddy bearTeddy Bear- Adopted from the Sunnyslope

Age: 1- year
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

His new owner Katy Anne writes:

Teddy loves his new home and enjoys playing with his canine roommate- a Chinese Crested, and going for  his daily walk every night, and then he cuddles with his humans when it’s time to go to sleep. Of course he still has things to learn since he has only been at his new home for less than a month but he is a very good dog who loves his new family and his new home.”





10405793_799089460102453_955468258_nJax- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 5- years
Breed: Orange and white tabby

His new owner Denise writes:

Jax took to me the minute we met through the window and once we could meet each other, he jumped in my lap and I knew he was mine. Jax loves to lay on dresser top, coffee table & end table. He opens cabinet doors with his paw and sleeps with me at night.







Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 5- years
Breed: Australian shepherd mix

His new owner Lezlee writes:

It’s been almost a year since I brought my boy home. Koda inspires me to be active! We go on sunrise hikes, camp, play in the sprinklers at the park on hot summer mornings, and I love watching him explore the world. He is the sweetest dog ever!





Fuzz Lightyear- 
Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 4-months
Breed: Domestic Shorthair

His new owner Nicole writes:

From the moment I brought him home I knew I’d made the right choice. He greets everyone as they walk in the door and loves lots of play time with plenty of cuddles and love in between. We both could not be happier!
candy_on_kitchen_counter_21314 (1)Candy- Adopted from Sunnyslope

Age: 2 Years
Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Her new owner Sharon writes:

“The day I got her home, she jumped up in my lap, cuddled up and went to sleep with her back feet straight up in the air.  She jumps up on my chest every morning at 6:00 a.m., makes biscuits then gives me kitty kisses on the end of my nose. This is a picture of Candy patiently waiting on the kitchen counter for me to serve dinner. I absolutely adore her.”




photo6 (1)
Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 20-weeks
Breed: Chihuahua mix

His new owner Jennifer writes:

Hank (the blond pup) was warmly welcomed by our whole family and fellow pup, Brownie. Brownie is a pup we adopted almost two years ago and she is happy to have Hank as her puppy brother. Brownie has been teaching Hank how to play games like, “steal a sock when the humans aren’t looking.” Hank gets walked with Brownie and has been introduced to the neighbor kids. Hank is about 17 pounds but growing each day. He is a big hit in a little body. Hank even helped sell Girl Scout cookies. “





Sweet Pea- Adopted from Sunnyslope
Age: 14 Months
Breed: Cairn terrier mix

His new owner Diane writes:

“More than one person has said she looks as cute and as a Disney Character. I love her to Death! She has changed my life completely and even in this very short period of time (1 month) many aspects of my health have improved. She is absolutely perfect at everything. The perfect fetcher, playmate, love muffin and friend!




img_5416 (1)Minina - Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 3 Years
Breed: Tuxedo cat

Her new owner Sarah writes:

Diamond is the sweetest cat ever! Every morning when I wake up she’s cuddled up as close as she can be and then proceeds to lick my face until I get up out of bed. She’s a great cat, and the whole family loves her.







Simba - Adopted from Sunnyslope

Age: 2 Years
Breed: Chow mix

His new owner Jenn writes:

“He’s been amazing. We have two small kids and he protects them. He’s learned how to walk up the stairs, wants to go everywhere in the car with us and is finally settled in! We feel blessed to have this special dog and give him his forever home. “
TJ Smith
T.J. - 
Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 1 Year
Breed: Pug/ Mastiff

His new owner Brad writes:

TJ is spoiled rotten with love and attention, and makes friends wherever he goes. He is well behaved and only ever wants to play. Dogs, cats, kids, even rabbits – no matter, he just wants to play and be friends with everyone. Loves going to the dog park as much as going for the ride in the car. The only thing he loves more than chasing a laser is taking time to give back his boundless capacity for love, loyalty, and gratitude. ”




Evan Jr

Evan Jr. - Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 3 Years
Breed: Guinea Pig

Her new owner Amber writes:

My daughter looked at every single small animal but kept returning to Evan Jr. I do believe it was love at first sight. once Evan was in her lap we knew that those two belonged together. Now  Evan is a fat, happy, very vocal full-fledged member of the family. She gets fresh salads, timmy hay, and gets tons of affection. She has even learned to ring her bell for dinner. She has brought a lot of entertainment and we all love her very much.”




Harley- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 12 Years
Breed: Golden retriever mix
His new owner Crystal writes:

“Harley had a very rough start in life and was abused and mistreated. A new life, a new family and a forever home-now he is loved immensely.







Tommy- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 10 Months
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Tommy’s Story:  Tommy was abandoned by his owner one night and left in a box out front of the AHS admissions lobby.
His new owner Janet writes:

“When we first got Tommy it was apparent that he had a big personality. He was so cuddly, cute, and loved to curl up on my pillow at night. He likes to find dirty socks from the laundry basket and play with them in his water bowl, as well as, try to climb up into the refrigerator every time it is opened. He likes to lay in the sink and doesn’t mind if you happen to turn on the water and get him wet. He actually enjoys it! I have never had a cat that actually liked water! 



Belle Nicole Gentile Apr 21Belle- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 1 Year
Breed: Chihuahua
Belle’s Story:  Her owner was moving out of state and couldn’t take Belle with them. She was very fearful when she first arrived at AHS but benefited from AHS’ Behavior Modification Program.
His new owner Nicole writes:

“Went to the Humane Society just to look around and found this baby! She’s come so far from her shy, anxious self in just a few months. We couldn’t be happier and I can’t imagine my life without her! “




bailey (1)Bailey- Adopted from the Petique Retail and Adoption Center
Age: 8 Years
Breed: Beagle
Bailey’s Story: Life gets busy and Bailey’s previous owner didn’t have time for a dog anymore. After 8-years she was dropped off at AHS.
His new owner Linda writes:

“Our dog, Dumpsey, was very lonely after losing his canine buddy. We were looking for an older dog that could be a companion for him AND us! Our daughter saw Bailey on AHS’ Facebook page and we knew she would be a good fit for us. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn’t be happier.” 




Oreo Cookie- Adopted from the Sunnyslope Adoption Center

little_one (1)

 1 Year
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Oreo’s Story: Wounded on the streets, Oreo was in desperate need of help and was rescued by Emergency Animal Medical Technicians. His injuries were treated in AHS’ Second Chance Animal Hospital.
His new owner Paul writes:

Oreo spends most of the day watching birds from a screened in porch. He loves cat treats, chasing bugs, cuddling under blankets at night and hanging out with his feline roommate Gatto. 




Maxx- Adopted from the Petique Retail and Adoption Center

dogs for adoption

Age: 2 Years
Breed: Terrier Mix
Maxx’s Story: Maxx was rescued off the streets by Emergency Animal Medical Technicians.

His new owner Katrina writes:

“Sometimes you don’t know what you need until you find it… Everyone who knows me can agree with the following statement “Maxx rescued me”. Maxx has a very strong personality to say the least. Loves to sleep (especially on my pillow) and loves to eat (mom cooks for him and his favorite is grilled chicken). In the last 8 months I have seen him become comfortable in his own paws and he is happy little fellow. Those “human eyes” are his best quality and he knows it (oh! He takes advantage of it when he wants something!)!
No one day goes by without me saying that adopting him was the best thing I have ever done!”




cats for adoptionBean- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 6 Years
Breed: Domestic Longhair
Bean’s Story: Bean struggled to survive on the streets but was finally rescued by Emergency Animal Medical Technicians.
Her new owner Michele writes:

“I saw Bean six years ago on the humane society weekly television show Pets on Parade when she was just 2 months old. Bean is happy to have all of her new four-legged siblings. She still likes her alone time in the garage and for some reason she likes to cool off in the refrigerator when I open the refrigerator door.”




Arizona Rescue CatsPica- Adopted from the Campus for Compassion

Age: 3 Years
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Pica’s  Story: Pica spent weeks on the streets struggling to care for not only herself but also her kittens until she finally crossed paths with a Good Samaritan who brought the cat family to AHS.
Her new owner Jennifer writes:

“When I adopted Pica from the Campus for Compassion shelter, she was a shy timid little girl who had been found on the streets with her litter.  Fast forward a year-now she rules the house! I can’t imagine life without her. She cuddles my feet at night and rushes to greet me when I get home from work. She even likes hanging out on the balcony and helping with my homework!”


Arizona dog adoptionSnoopy- Adopted from the Sunnyslope Adoption Center 

Age: 6 Years
Breed: Vizsla Mix
Snoopy’s Story: Snoopy was brought to AHS because the new landlord didn’t allow dogs.
His new owner Richard writes:

“We saw Snoopy featured on Pets on Parade and he was a perfect gentleman on camera. Even though Snoopy is 6-years-old he has lots of energy and loves his morning and afternoon walks! He’s gets along well with his new “cousins”.  All and all it has been a great experience and had to share his story. I know he waited a long time at the shelter but he has finally found his forever home!
Thank you Pets on Parade for all your hard work and helping find homes for these great animals.”




adopt a dogSasha- Adopted from the Sunnyslope Adoption Center

Age: 3 Years
Breed:Pit bull Terrier Mix
Sasha’s Story: Sasha was adopted and returned three times. The fourth time was a charm!
Her new owner Serena writes:

“While volunteering with AHS as a foster I had many dogs and cats come in and out as needed. It was time to take back 3 puppies I’d had for a month and when they handed me the new foster list, “Sasha” was pointed out as being extremely sweet and listed as a SAFE alert due to kennel stress. She was quite popular around AHS-Sunnyslope after being adopted and returned THREE times! I met “Sasha” and fell in love with her unique nose and easy going nature. Two weeks into fostering her I couldn’t take it anymore; I went down and filled out her adoption paperwork. This Pittie is a great ambassador to the breed. She has stood by with countless foster dogs and cats and loves every minute of it. Since being adopted, she’s had the opportunity to travel a bit. Be it road trips to California, the dog beaches, the snow in Sedona, the lakes, and numerous hiking trails she now lives a life she loves. I think her favorite part however, is knowing she will always have a home no matter the obstacles life brings.”


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