Featured Pets
Featured Pets

We Need Love Too!

The Arizona Humane Society has so many wonderful animals that would love to become part of your family. Maybe one of our featured pets is the perfect fit for you!

Hopeful Hearts

Our Hopeful Hearts pets need a little extra help finding their forever families, but they are sure to give you many tail-wags and kisses if you welcome them into your home.

Shelter Buddies

Our Shelter Buddies are staff favorites and they’re sure to become your favorite too if you take them home!

Special Pet Adoption Fees

All of our featured pets receive extra attention and all have reduced adoption fees of only $50 for dogs and $20 for cats, rabbits and ferrets!

Some of the pets featured below may already have been adopted. Call 602.997.7585 Ext. 1045, to check availability of a featured pet. Have the pet’s ID number and name when you call.


All of our featured dogs are only $50are spayed or neutered and good with adults unless otherwise noted. You should bring dogs & kids to the shelter to meet your new dog before adopting.

brodyBrody #A487272
At shelter since 6/28/14
Location: Sunnyslope
tobyToby #A487658
At shelter since 7/2/14
Location: Campus for Compassion
Romeo A489279Romeo #A489279
At shelter since 7/20/14
Location: Campus for Compassion
oreoOreo #A489045
At shelter since 7/17/14
Location: Campus for Compassion


All of our featured cats are only $20, are spayed or neutered and good with adults unless otherwise noted.

hollyHolly #A480868
At shelter since 6/20/14
Location: Petique Norterra
bettyBetty #A486598
At shelter since 6/22/14
Location: Campus for Compassion
hazyHazy #A487461
At shelter since 6/30/14
Location: Campus for Compassion
luckyLucky #A487940
At shelter since 7/5/14
Location: Campus for Compassion
diamondDiamond #A486894
At shelter since 7/6/14
Location: Sunnyslope
squirrelSquirrel #A487574
At shelter since 7/1/14
Foster: Call 602-997-7585 x2045
booBoo #A485246
At shelter since 6/9/14
Location: Campus for Compassion
twizzlerTwizzler #A485167
At shelter since 6/8/14
Location: Campus for Compassion
white stripeWhite Stripe #A485067
At shelter since 6/7/14
Location: Campus for Compassion
honeyHoney #A488573
At shelter since 7/11/14
Location: Campus for Compassion
tommyTommy #A486110
At shelter since 6/17/14
Location: Campus for Compassion
busterBuster #A486872
At shelter since 6/24/14
Location: Campus for Compassion
frodoFrodo #A486163
At shelter since 6/18/14
Location: Campus for Compassion
lunaLuna #A487188
At shelter since 6/27/14
Location: Petique Biltmore
velvetVelvet #A484612
At shelter since 6/4/14
Location: Campus for Compassion


All of our featured rabbits are only $20 and mice, gerbils, hamsters and rats are only $10. All are available at our Nina Masion Pulliam Campus for Compassion unless otherwise noted.

bustaBusta #A486933
At shelter since 7/13/14
Location: Campus for Compassion
little whiteLittle White #A486677
At shelter since 6/23/14
Location: Campus for Compassion