Animal Cops Phoenix Recap: “Kittens on a Hot Roof”

Episode 5 – Sunday, March 19, 2017

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s episode of Animal Cops Phoenix! We are thrilled to share our lifesaving work with all of you, and we cannot thank you enough for your support. Each Monday, we will post a recap of the previous Sunday’s episode here on our blog.

This episode featured a risky kitten roof rescue, two owner-surrendered Huskies left in the heat, a Chihuahua seeking shade with a pelvic fracture, and a very unique purple dog.

Hear from AHS’ Heroes

The rescued kittens in this episode are clearly used to living on their own, likely with little to no human socialization, which makes them great candidates for AHS’ Working Cats Program! Veterinary Technician Richard Roberts explains the program in a nutshell…

“They’re a little bit unsocial, which means that they lived outside most of their baby lives, and they’re just not quite as social as what we would put up for adoption. These guys are going to be part of what we call the Working Cats Program. We find them a home like a barn or industrial site or somebody’s big, large property, and what they do is they have a job. Their natural job is what they do every day of their lives – hunt for rats and mice, and that’s what they’re going to be taken over for. We have a woman who has decided that they fit her needs, so she will take care of them. She will feed them, she will water them, she will give them medical attention if they need it.” 

Watch the video below to learn more about AHS’ truly lifesaving Working Cats Program.

Success Stories

Because of the amazing work of AHS’ Rescue, Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital, Adoptions, and Alternative Placement teams, each of the animals in this episode found loving furever homes!

The story of the owner-surrendered Huskies was very difficult to watch. The owner tied the dogs outside of her home without access to water or shade in the Arizona heat, and she knew the dangers. She chose to surrender the Huskies to AHS because she could no longer give them the care they needed, which was extremely hard on her children who loved them. As Ruthie and Mark explained, unfortunately, the mother was the one who was responsible for the animals. Ruthie and Mark truly felt for the children in the home and this case weighed on them. Still, they knew that taking them back to AHS was the best chance these animals had at living the life they deserved. After medical and behavioral treatment at AHS, Hatchi and Koda were both adopted to loving homes.

One of the most unusual cases AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital team has ever seen was Arsenio’s, the purple dog. He was given Blue-Kote, an anti-fungal medication typically used for horses, which caused a chronic skin infection. Fortunately after treatment, a good grooming session, and much-needed medication, Arsenio was healthy enough to be adopted by the very family who brought him to AHS!


How You Can Help

When you adopt a pet, not only are you adding to your family, you’re saving a life. This episode of Animal Cops Phoenix just goes to show that animals who have come from some of the most unusual cases can make the most amazing pets. Whether they were previously injured, neglected, stray, or even purple, these animals are right around the corner from being the perfect addition to a family like yours!